NJ Today with Mike Schneider: Oct. 4, 2013


The latest on the government shutdown. Strong words in the U.S. Senate debate. Milly Silva takes on Gov. Christie. And the date has been set for internet gambling.

  • Barbara McCarthy

    Shame on you, Mike Schneider! Are you not running the Gov Christie mantra on your opening. AND, then pushing gambling as a source of revenue for New Jersey. You have every lawmaker and gambling entitiy prominent in your interviews. Do you ever deal with the issue that it is a tax on the poor and has not helped New Jersey residents that thought it was providing them with employment.

    The way the public can deal with you is to approach the charitable entities that support this station. I think those executives think that you are helping New Jersey residents. You are busy with the BiZWIRE playbook.

    It is supposed to be public television. I don’t think it is..