NJ Today with Mike Schneider: Oct. 21, 2013


Historic changes in the Garden State as same-sex couples get married and the governor drops his legal challenge. Plus, why is President Obama angry about Obamacare?

  • Joseph Cutter

    My civil union partner and I appreciate Mr. Snyder’s coverage of Gay Marriage. We plan to get married. Date set soon. We would like Mr. Snyder to give some coverage to this heartfelt issue of ours: Why is it that our civil union relationship is not upgraded to marriage automatically? For years we have heard from the Christie administration that our civil union is equal to marriage. When we got our civil union we were lead to believe that should the Federal government someday recognize gay marriage that our civil union status would equal gay marriage in NJ. We know now this is not true. We must get “married again” for the federal governement to recognize our relationship as marriage. We now know that his statements that there was no need for gay marriage because civil unions are just as equal were misleading. The point we are making should be discussed in the media more. The Christie administration has been given a free ride with the medial on this point: civil unions were never equal to gay marriage and the Christie administration mislead many New Jersey residents into believing that it was. Joe and Tony