NJ Today with Mike Schneider: Aug. 29, 2013


Late development in the Syrian crisis as a vote in London could stop the president in his tracks. We’ll hear what our U.S. Senate candidates have to say. And get reaction from the Syrian archbishop who is based in Teaneck.

  • Fr. KK John

    USA often poses as the world Police. Iraq war and Afghan wars are most recent examples. These wars, caused billions of dollars and thousands of young lives to the USA. Spiraling prices, weak dollar, lack of funds to developmental programs, lack of investments in infrastructure, neglect of elderly and poor, sorry state of schools, rise of unemployment and so many social ills are the bad side effects of those two wars. Yes, biological warfare, nuclear warfare, artillery, are all things used against humanity. But still worse is the unnatural unions/way of life; which if everyone start doing life on earth will come to an end, let alone sickness and aliments it causes; legalizing such unnatural styles is a greater calamity and a crime against nature and humanity. 14 percent atheists rule the 86 percent religious majority; by all standards it is a disgrace. Should this nation have a good future, policy of the govt and judiciary, must change. Aiding billions of dollars to unsocial countries itself is a crime. Violence and persecutions against Christians spiraled in Egypt, Iraq, Iran and elsewhere after the US-led wars. Saudi is a US ally, but there is no religious freedom there; holding a bible or praying privately in a house is against law and they are jailed and tortured, etc. How US can be silent on these and still help Saudi call it an ally? Saying “Good bye to God in life and saying “God Bless …” is contradiction.