NJ Today: November 16, 2012


Gov. Christie celebrates a landmark agreement. Washington keeps a close eye on hurricane recovery efforts. And Newark Mayor Cory Booker says he needs more time.

  • KATE

    Scenes of the aftermath of this storm are heartbreaking, and I would hope the governments at all levels can enable residents to rebuild their lives.
    Nearly all municipal governments also have thrown their support behind their residents. Most stories coming out of this tragedy are heartwarming tales of help and caring. And so it’s all the more shocking that Morristown, NJ saw fit to send out tax sale notices yesterday to homeowners who were unable to pay their taxes on time during these disaster recovery weeks.

    Residents who did not have heat or electric, and also had no phone or internet , were unable to access their funds or at very least had extreme difficulty in paying their taxes, which were due between Nov 1 and Nov 12. And on Nov 16, the Town of Morristown sent out the tax sale notices. Even local banks have dropped late fees and overdraft fees for customers who were hit by Sandy. But Morristown, NJ, which should have been trying to HELP their residents, chose to add this unnecessary and unconscionable stress to the lives of the storm’s victims.

    The Mayor of Morristown & the town council as well as the tax collector’s office share responsibility for this inexcusable action.