NJTV News with Mike Schneider

NJ Today: January 25, 2013


So why is Dick Codey not running for governor? We’ll have details and reaction. Plus, a record-setting day for the gun buyback program. An interview with former Gov. Tom Kean. And we’ll tell you how New Jersey airports rank when it comes to costs.

  • Amanda Brantley

    As I predicted, Dick Codey isn’t entering the race. But, be clear, it’s not because he’s afraid. The money needed is a little beyond his capacity.

    And she did Croy Booker surrender his BFF relationship with Zuckerberg– who seemingly deserted him for the Gov’s arms. Well, Cory has himself to blame. Didn’t he facilitate that relationship by taking him on the Oprah show?

  • Amanda Brantley

    Great point- counterpoint duo. Still miss Julie.