NJTV News with Mike Schneider

NJ Today: August 22, 2012


Big changes in store for higher education in New Jersey. A former legislator weighs in on the state in the State House. And a New Jersey Olympian talks about the state’s track record for grooming soccer stars.

  • Patick Spangler

    Nice to hear Ms. Taylor asks about the cost of the higher education consolidation.

    The same question applies to the “teacher tenure bill” What’s the cost for teacher development, for testing, for arbitration, etc.

    What other human endeavor can you approve of legal actions that are undefined and have an unknown cost to the taxpayers? And everyone is happy about it.

  • rich

    I think the story needs a little scrubbing. Rutgers and Rowan did not merge, so it was surprising to hear that as the lede.