Lonegan Gets Endorsed by Rep. Chris Smith and Sen. Jeff Chiesa


By Dari Kotzker
NJ Today

For Steve Lonegan, the headline wasn’t the endorsement he was getting today. It was the chance to link Cory Booker to a president Lonegan doesn’t like.

“I have some shocking news for you. Just moments ago, President Obama endorsed Cory Booker for U.S. Senate. I know, we’re all surprised to hear that. But President Obama and Cory Booker don’t understand what local government is,” Lonegan said.

He also had some choice words when comparing Obama’s endorsement to getting Gov. Chris Christie’s yesterday.

“I think it more than levels the playing field. I think Chris Christie’s endorsement in New Jersey is much more important than Barack Obama’s is,” said Lonegan.

But the real reason for the campaign event was to receive endorsements from Republican Congressman Chris Smith and interim U.S. Sen. Jeff Chiesa. Smith was quick to point out Lonegan’s outspoken views on Obamacare, Fourth Amendment rights and as he says “reckless” federal spending.

“He has been a very effective voice for years in pointing out that it is absolutely unsustainable to carry such a debt and to exacerbate it each and every year as President Obama has done,” Smith said.

Chiesa said in front of a cheering crowd, he enthusiastically endorses Lonegan.

“When you listen to Mayor Lonegan talk about this, you watch what Mayor Lonegan did for his community in Bogota as the mayor, he held spending in check. Not because he didn’t want to help people, not because he wasn’t interested in improving people’s lives, but because he understood that the only way to really improve our lives is to make sure that we spend what we have and we spend it smartly,” Chiesa said.

“Sen. Chiesa’s holding down the fort in Washington, D.C. with other great leaders and holding a line against Obamacare and all the other intrusions and growth of government. He’s holding down the fort because reinforcements are on the way,” Lonegan said.

With today’s endorsements and Christie’s, Lonegan says his campaign is on a roll.

“We’re picking up momentum nationally now with the governor’s endorsement, money’s coming in from all over the country, which is terrific. So you’re going to see in the next polls that come out that this race has tightened very, very much,” said Lonegan.

And his supporters agree.

“Mayor Lonegan is not afraid to run against Cory Booker although we know that he’s the favorite of the Democratic Party and the president endorsing him and that doesn’t phase him because he’s going to win,” said Angie Lichsale of Barnegat.

“I like his enthusiasm. I think we need some change in New Jersey. And he’s very enthusiastic. I like a lot of his ideas,” said Jim Romanelli of Manchester.

Lonegan says he’s heard from mayors, council members and grassroots activists who plan to publicly endorse him over the next few weeks.

  • Elvira Odom

    Lonegan is a candidate for the US Senate in New Jersey, replacing the seat of Senator Laughtenberg, this boy cannot fill his shoes. We never heard of him, and one day I went to Bogota, the first thing that came out of my mouth is this place needs some cleaning sorry. I bet you did spend the money wisely, where in the strong hole of Morris Plain (OH! Morris County the County that has all the money) .

    Oh, lets not forget your interest groups, who are they the alleged doctors and legal students of Morris County, Passaic County, making important decision on people lives. These doctors increase medication just when the Judge says send the patient home, then look again and the medication is increased by
    250 %. not to forget the patient goes before the Judge in about five days, just in for the patient to look abnormal. The buddies of Lonegan, where is his strong hole in Morris County!

    Lonegan’s friends even put children with special needs in mental institutions even though they are wheel chair bound. Not much harm to you or themselves.

    Where is the little boy that’s been missing in New York (Autistic boy), look in the mental hospital like Clara Mass, St. Joseph’s and don’t forget the one in Morris County. No wonder they have so much money.

  • Elvira Odom

    Oh, I’m not finished, no wonder Lonegan went to Newark, because he has many friends on the police force that write bogus tickets on many citizens is this how he balanced his budget. The Police drive around in 4 X 4 trucks and their feet can barely touch the peddle, claiming that someone killed a cop, because his truck turned over. I doubt it. The trucks are too big for these guy and some of the officers cannot handle the trucks. Some of these guys are out of control, therefore, I call the Essex County Sherrif’s department in orderto get protection in certain area and other areas that have these high school bullies that are on the police forces. No wonder Lonegan went to Newark, he feels safe with these bullies as his friends. I sure don’t!

  • Elvira Odom

    Sorry I can’t edit my written words, spell check and grammer that is.

  • Elvira Odom

    Even though you don’t like the President, what gives you the mitigating gall, to think that you can fill the shoes of Senator Laughtenberg with those (small feet of yours) how dare you!