Democrats to Christie: “Property Taxes, Property Taxes, Property Taxes”


After Gov. Chris Christie gave his 2013 budget address to the Legislature Tuesday, the Democrats responded to the items outlined in the $32.1 billion spending plan.

Democrats have spoken out against the 10 percent income tax cut Christie first discussed in his State of the State address last month and the criticism continued Tuesday. Senate President Steve Sweeney said Christie’s focus on income tax “is wrong” and he should be more concerned with property tax relief which would benefit residents of all income levels more than the income tax cut, which would greatly favor the wealthy.

“There are too many people in the middle class who are suffering for the benefit of the wealthy in this state,” Sweeney said.

Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver said that the level of relief with the income tax cut for the average New Jersey family making $50,000 would be just $80 over the course of three years. “That is not acceptable,” she said. She said members of the Legislature will prioritize the issues most important to New Jerseyans. In addition to property taxes, Oliver said education funding is high on the list.

Sen. Loretta Weinberg added that the working poor will not get the earned income tax credit until 2014 while millionaires will receive the tax cut in 2013.

Assemblyman Louis Greenwald said Christie wants to take credit for increasing aid to school districts and restoring senior rebates, but in reality he cut funding to both. Greenwald said the money being restored to education funding is still at a lower level than before Christie took office.

Greenwald also criticized the income tax cut. “He’s ignoring the needs of the middle class,” Greenwald said.


  • Louis Francz

    This foolish Democratic game of “the wealthy get the bulk of the money” when taxes are cut. Even the paperboys know that when taxes are cut, those who paid more will receive more back. It’s 3rd grade math. You can’t return money to people who paid no taxes at all either. That’s what earned income tax credits are for.

    This state has lost citizens worth a hundred billion dollars to other states since the Democratic stranglehold on the legislature. I hope our legislators are happy – they have sealed their own fate with a race to the bottom, unless Governor Christie and his successors can restore sanity to NJ public expenditures. Professional union members retiring with two houses just isn’t fair. I’ve been an engineer my whole life and can only afford one house, and damn glad to have it..
    NJ’s excessively stringent environmental laws have chased virtually every manufacturing job out of the state, including mine, and many to other countries. Notch another win for our legislature. Our air and water is much as it was in the 1700’s, as our ex-manufacturing employed residents make 1700’s wages in service jobs.
    We can’t create real wealth unless NJ MAKES SOMETHING and NOT just insurance policies! As the bridge says: Trenton Makes (laws) and the World Takes (our jobs).