Christie Veto Deals Blow to Gun Control Advocates


By Michael Aron
Chief Political Correspondent

Two people who each lost a child in the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School told us today they were in the State House yesterday dropping off 55,000 petitions and trying to see the governor.

Soon after they left, Gov. Chris Christie vetoed the bill they’ve been pushing for a year.

They think the timing was deliberate.

“And it was within about 10 minutes of us leaving that he made the statement, so, no, I don’t think it was a coincidence at all,” said Nicole Hockley.

Manny Cerca has been selling guns for 35 years.

His shop, Bullet Hole, is in Belleville and caters to law enforcement.

The bill Christie vetoed would have reduced firearm magazine capacity from 15 rounds of ammunition to 10.

The Sandy Hook parents called the veto a “crushing blow.”

Cerca disagrees.

“How long does it take to take this out and put the next one in? A split second, so magazine capacity is a ridiculous thing and the governor used a lot of common sense in vetoing it,” Cerca said.

Advocates for a 10-round magazine limit say if a madman has to reload, it can save a few lives. Here at Bullet Hole, the owner disputes that.

“When you push this magazine release, take the magazine out, it takes a split second to put another one back in again. It’s over,” said Cerca.

“The facts are the facts. It’s not an argument or opinion. We can cite several instances of mass shootings, when where the shooter stopped to reload, whether it’s a second or two seconds or half a second, it’s enough time for somebody to get out of the line of sight. Lives are saved when the shooter reloads every time,” said Mark Barden.

“If a magazine can be reloaded that quickly, then, what’s the problem with limiting it to 10 bullets?” asked Hockley.

In his veto message, the governor called the magazine limit “reform in name only.”

He rewrote the bill to put far more emphasis on young men with severe mental problems, how to get them involuntarily committed and away from guns.

“We fully support what he’s saying in terms of mental health reform. We advocate for that as well. This isn’t an either/or issue. It’s a combination of both that’s required,” Hockley said.

The gun shop owner calls mass shootings mainly a medical and parental problem.

Christie has a mixed record on gun control, but Democrats smell politics in this latest veto.

Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald put out a statement calling it “a cowardly decision that lacks leadership. I would imagine this is a very uncomfortable topic to have with conservative voters in Iowa and New Hampshire,” it said.

The bill had passed both houses. No word on whether supporters will try again.

  • Steve E

    Here’s what was NOT addressed. How about the FACT that Adam Lanza (for example) was doing what is known as “tactical reloads” when he committed his heinous act At Sandy Hook Elementary. Police recovered so called high capacity magazines (which are, in actuality standard capacity magazines … only anti-gun people believe them to be and call them high capacity) with only five rounds or less missing from them. This means that Lanza would shoot five rounds then reload, saving the magazine he had just used to be topped off when he had time. This is standard military and police practice as Lanza had learned for his video games.

    What is also NOT addressed is the FACT that Steve Sweeney violated Robert’s Rules of order to get these bills passed. The bills were initially scheduled in the Public Safety Committee, but as the vote was being taken, Sweeney realized that he did not have enough votes to pass, he then stopped the vote (violation) and moved the bills to the Budget Committee. Why? because the Democrats outnumber the Republicans in the Budget Committee 2 to 1.

    What is also NOT addressed is, that during the public hearings, there were five people testifying for these bills, and HUNDREDS testifying against. (Not to mention the nearly one thousand that showed up to protest these bills outside the state house). 2 of the 5 do not even live in NJ! The people testifying for these bills had unlimited time to speak, whereas those testifying against were limited to 2 minutes (when they were told prior to the hearings that they each would have 10 minutes) and some were even chastised for yelling (which they weren’t, as you can plainly see in the YouTube videos of these hearings), and some were even escorted out by state police officers.

    There are a lot of sleazy, back door, unconstitutional politics going on in the state of New Jersey … pretty much all of it at the hands of the Democrats … and I say this as a registered Democrat. They don’t belong in office … they belong in prison. Talk to Frank Fiamingo of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society. Talk to Scott Bach of the ANJRPC. Talk to Anthony Colandro of Gun For Hire. Talk to Evan Nappen (prominent defense attorney). What they have to tell you will have you shaking your head in disbelief.

  • Steve E

    Sorry about the typos … there are a few

  • Steve E

    Oh! One more thing that was NOT addressed, were the tens of thousands of phone calls, e-mails, and petition signers AGAINST these bills.
    You see Gov. Christie, who used to be a prosecutor, understands something that the anti-gun crowd just can’t seem to comprehend … criminals (and crazies) do not follow the law. If someone is bent on committing a horrible act such as Sandy Hook, or maybe “just” an armed robbery … if they are using ill gotten guns, to commit an act that is already illegal, what on earth makes these people think that they will follow the law about magazine capacity? I mean, it goes beyond ridiculous, into delusional.

  • Steve E

    The only people who follow gun control laws, are the law abiding. Disarming, or limiting what the law abiding gun owners may have, benefits ONLY the criminals (it makes their jobs easier and safer), and the anti-gun politicians, (it makes them look like they are doing something, when in reality, they aren’t).