Christie Blasts Democrats for Deferring Tax Cut, Voting for Millionaire’s Tax


Gov. Chris Christie had harsh words for Democrats during a packed town hall in Brick Township this afternoon. The way the governor sees it, he wanted to cut the income tax for everyone and the Democrats wouldn’t go for it, voting to raise income taxes $800 million.

Democrats say they passed a prudent budget that defers the tax cut until the tax revenues improve. Christie called them Corzine Democrats who not only deferred his tax cut, but voted again for a millionaire’s tax. He also accused them of deception.

“Let’s say I’m Sen. Paul Sarlo, Senate chairman budget committee, who said in February on NJTV there will be no tax increases on this budget. He voted the other night in the Senate budget committee to raise income taxes $800 million,” Christie said. “So now they’re giving you a twofer. They’re not only not cutting your taxes, they’re going to raise income taxes $800 million.”

Christie is expected to line item veto the budget toward the end of this week and to remind audiences all summer which party was for a tax cut now and which voted a third time to hike the income tax on millionaires, or as he puts it the job creators.

“This summer I’m going to travel all over the state of New Jersey and I am going to point out to every living, breathing New Jerseyan I can find that these folks lied to you, they lied to me and I am going to kick their rear ends from one end of the state to the other to get your tax cut,” Christie said.

Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron reports from Brick Township.


  • Joseph Bierman

    I am so tired of politicians referring to these millionaires as job creators. To be a job creator one must have created a job. By in large, these folks have stood on the sidelines, banking their money and waiting. First it was waiting for the market to improve, then it was waiting to find out how the stimulus plan would unfold, then it was waiting to see how the debt ceiling crisis would be resolved, then it was waiting to see how healthcare would be resolved. What will be their next excuse for inaction? Meanwhile they enjoy their existing tax breaks, the governor and others argue for additional tax breaks, and we have no jobs to show for it.
    If a man sat on the sidelines and watched the football game, you would call him a football fan but not a football player. The best you can say about Jersey millionaires is that they may be fans of job creation but they have done nothing to earn this label of job creators. If the governor and the Republicans were really serious about this equation of tax breaks equals job creation, then they would tie the tax breaks to real job creation. Any business who hired additional employees in New Jersey during a specific fiscal year would earn the right to get the lower job creators tax rate. Basically, those small businesses and wealthy individuals who actually create a job get a tax break. If you didn’t create a job, then you pay your taxes like the rest of us. If they are job creators and can prove it then perhaps they deserve a tax break. Otherwise this talk of job creators is just the latest spin on trickle down economic theory.

  • William VanKeuren

    I believe Gov. Christie is being disingenuous in his statements about th budget. Taxes on the well to do have been seriously cut over the past decads to the point the distribution of income greatly favors the so called 1%. It is further a fallacy that the Govenor ha not raised taxes. In truth, since the state support of local schools has diminished, the burden on the local taxpayer has increased. This may not technically be a tax incease, but more money comes out of the middle calss homeowner’s pocket. Many programs have been cut in the schools, primariy art and music, (but not football), or the parent has to pay a fee for the child to participate. Not a tax increase, but it is money out of our pockets.

    One proven way to increase jobs and to help the economy recover is to put more money in the pockets of the middle class. They will spend, because they have to to live. A taxcut to the wealthy does not create jobs nor does it put more money into the economy. What is ruly needed is a reduction of local and school property taxes. That will require statemanship, not shouting louder than any one else in the room, nor posturing and giving incomplete half truth information to the public.

    In Gov. Chistie’s favor, I think hat there needed to be a renegotiation of the public employees union benifits But we need to remember, that it takes two sides to make a labor contract. Labor and management (read politicians) must agree and sign off. At least 50% of the blame for the current public employee and teacher contracts lies at the feet of our elected and appointed political bodies. (Both major parties can share the blame here).