NJTV News with Mike Schneider

NJTV Special Report with Mike Schneider


In the wake of the Rutgers University basketball scandal, NJTV presents an NJTV Special Report, Rutgers: Anatomy of a Scandal.

Anchored by Mike Schneider, the managing editor of NJ Today with Mike Schneider, the network’s news team examines the Rutgers University sports scandal that is making headlines across the country. Through key interviews and news clips, Rutgers: Anatomy of a Scandal analyzes the controversy surrounding former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice, whose physically and verbally abusive coaching techniques were caught on tape by a fellow staffer. Rice’s actions have led to his dismissal, the resignation of other university staff, including Rutgers athletic director Tim Pernetti, and an FBI extortion investigation.

NJTV’s special report gives viewers an assessment of what lead to the upheaval, the actions being taken by the university and authorities, and what lies ahead.