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Hot, Dry Weather Could Lead to Moderate Drought

This August has been one of the driest months in the past 90 years and water usage is up from last year's levels. Without rain in the forecast, moderate drought status could be declared by the end of the week,

It’s Hot Out There

With temperatures topping 90 degrees, experts say residents should stay hydrated and avoid direct sunlight between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Hot, Dry Weather Helps Grapes Thrive

The hot, dry weather New Jersey has been experiencing is good for growing grapes.

Thunderstorm Cuts Belmar’s Sandcastle Contest Short

Although a thunderstorm cleared the beach in Belmar during the 29th New Jersey Sandcastle Contest, people still participated and will be awarded prizes.

South Jersey Could Get Disaster Aid for Storm

FEMA visited the areas of South Jersey hard hit by a macro-burst and it seems like it will meet the threshold for disaster aid. Gov. Christie has to make the declaration by July 23.

South Jersey Still Recovering 10 Days After Storm

Ten days after a storm caused major damage in the southern part of the state, people are still picking up the pieces and questioning the government's response.

South Jersey Still Recovering from Severe Storms

Three days after severe weather hit South Jersey, life hasn't gotten completely back to normal for residents. The storm knocked out power and stopped a major rail line.

Severe Storms Knock Out Power to Thousands

A storm line that blew through South Jersey Tuesday caused damage and left thousands in the dark.

Rutgers Climate Scientists Find More Evidence Linking Arctic Warming to Jet Stream Movement

[caption id="attachment_45099" align="alignright" width="300"] A chart showing the increase in the frequency of highly amplified jet-stream patterns, which scientists believe is related to extreme weather events. Courtesy of Jennifer ...

NOAA Predicts Below-Normal Hurricane Season, But Says Be Prepared

While NOAA's Climate Prediction Center says the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season will likely be below-normal, officials warn that residents should still prepare for a major storm, which could occur.