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NJTV News Weather: Potential for Major Snowstorm Friday-Sunday

A major snowstorm could hit New Jersey this coming weekend, with the potential to drop more than a foot of snow.

NJTV News Weather: Get Ready for Cold, Light Snow

It's been a relatively mild winter so far, but a blast of cold air is expected, along with some snow.

NJTV News Weather: First Snowfall Expected

The first snowfall of the winter season is expected Tuesday, but accumulations will be minor.

Code Blue Programs Help Residents Cope with Frigid Temperatures

When the temperatures plummet, many New Jersey towns offer services through Code Blue programs. One lawmaker has proposed a bill to standardize those programs across the state.

Christie Addresses Joaquin’s Status and NJ DOT Commissioner In Sea Isle City

During a press conference in Sea Isle City, Gov. Chris Christie updated the status of Hurricane Joaquin and NJ DOT Commissioner Jamie Fox.

NJTV News Weather: Joaquin’s Effects Will Still Be Felt at the Jersey Shore

Meteorologist John Cifelli says that most of the heavy rain expected for New Jersey has already fallen. Joaquin isn't expected to make landfall in New Jersey, diminishing to a category two storm by the time it moves north.

Strong Wind Gusts and Rain Bring Flooding Concerns

Residents and emergency officials in Brigantine prepare for any flooding possibilities due to storms within the state.

NJTV News Weather: Joaquin Could Bring Strong Winds and Storm Surge

NJTV News Meteorologist John Cifelli says that storm surge, beach erosion, strong winds and power outages could be a result from Hurricane Joaquin, even if it doesn't make landfall on the Atlantic East Coast.

While Hurricane Joaquin’s Projected Path is Uncertain, Preparations are Being Made

Hurricane Joaquin has strengthen into a major storm. While the storm's projected path has yet to be determined, preparations have begun throughout the state.

Christie: ‘I Will Be Here’ As Joaquin Approaches

NJTV News Correspondent David Cruz looks into the political subtext of Christie's press conference on the state's preparations for Joaquin.