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Researchers Find Why Summer Hurricanes Hit at Levels Less Intense Than Forecast

Researchers at Rutgers studied why summer hurricanes, like Irene, strike the coast at levels that are less intense than originally forecast.
Powerful Hurricane Irene on August 27, 2011, two hours after making landfall in Cape Lookout, North Carolina. Photo: NASA/NOAA GOES Project

Why Do So Many Summer Hurricanes Fizzle Near Coastlines?

Rutgers-led study finds answers that could improve forecasts of hurricane intensity and reduce losses linked to inaccuracies.
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NJTV News Weather: Some Snow Expected Monday Night, Heavy Rain Tuesday-Wednesday

After an unseasonably warm weekend, portions of New Jersey will see snow Monday night and then heavy rain Tuesday night into Wednesday.
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NJTV News Weather: Bitter Cold to Give Way, Snow Expected Monday

Meteorologist John Cifelli says the mercury will rise from Sunday's frigid temperatures and up to four inches of snow will fall by the end of Monday.

Towns Seek Federal Disaster Aid After Blizzard

Gov. Christie requested $83 million in federal disaster aid to help New Jersey communities in 17 counties hit by the monster blizzard.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Returns to Bayonne After Encountering Severe Weather

Some are calling for an investigation after the Anthem of the Seas ship was forced to return to New Jersey because of 30-foot waves and hurricane force winds out at sea.

NJTV News Weather: Up to Six Inches of Snow Expected By Wednesday

Meteorologist John Cifelli says the middle part of the state could see up to six inches of snow by Wednesday morning.
Infrared satellite depiction of a deep, powerful coastal low near South Carolina, spreading cloud cover all the way to Canada. It almost has an "eye" look at the center, with a central pressure similar to a weak hurricane.

NJTV News Weather: Snow in the Forecast for Monday-Wednesday

Meteorologist John Cifelli predicts up to six inches of snow for some parts of New Jersey, which will fall between Monday and Wednesday.

The History of Groundhog Day

Monmouth University Professor Stanton Green explains the history behind Groundhog Day.

Despite NJ Law, Many Vehicles Still Snow Covered

New Jersey law prohibits drivers from being on the road without first removing snow from vehicles. But days after a major winter storm, many vehicles can still be seen on the roads with snow.