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NJTV News Weather: Cold Continues with Chances of Wintry Weather

Meteorologist John Cifelli expects South Jersey to get a few inches of snow for Thursday morning and another wintry mix could be on the way Sunday night.

Better Prepared? What Meteorologists Learned from Hurricane Sandy

The National Weather Service has made a number of changes, but challenges remain in improving forecasts and communication with the public.

NJTV News Weather: Latest Forecast for Weekend Storm

Meteorologist John Cifelli gives an updated forecast for Saturday's snowstorm. He says southern New Jersey will get more snow than originally expected.

NJTV News Weather: Up to Six Inches of Snow Expected Saturday into Sunday

Meteorologist John Cifelli expects the northern part of New Jersey to get the most snow with less the farther south you go.

Frigid Temperatures Can Lead to Burst Pipes

The cold temperatures New Jersey has experienced has led to more frozen and bursting pipes for homeowners.

NJTV News Weather: Bitter Cold Followed By Snow for the Weekend

Meteorologist John Cifelli says wind chills Friday morning will feel like 10 to 15 degrees below zero and the next snowfall on Saturday will bring one to five inches to New Jersey.

NJTV News Weather: Prepare for Potentially Record Breaking Cold

Meteorologist John Cifelli expects temperatures to plummet once again Thursday and Friday with the possibility of a snow coating for Thursday morning's commute.

Meteorologist John Cifelli: Snow, More Record Breaking Cold in the Forecast

Meteorologist John Cifelli predicts accumulating snow Monday night and says record breaking cold like New Jersey experienced last night will likely return at the end of the week.

How to Stay Safe in Extremely Cold Weather

When wind chills reach subzero temperatures, it's important to know how to keep from getting frostbite and hypothermia.

NJTV News Weather: NJ Sees Record Lows, Next Snow to Fall Monday Night

Meteorologist John Cifelli says New Jersey has seen record low temperatures and will get more accumulating snow Monday into Tuesday.