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Meteorologist Cifelli: Record Breaking Cold After Snow Will Give Way to Warmer Temps

Meteorologist John Cifelli says most of New Jersey got between six and eight inches of snow. The state will see very low temperatures Friday, but they will increase for next week.

Some Businesses Thrive, Others Suffer with Snow Storm

Companies that provide snow removal are happy when the snow comes, while others see fewer customers.

NJTV News Weather: About Half a Foot of Snow in New Brunswick

Meteorologist John Cifelli reports from New Brunswick during Thursday's snowfall.

NJTV News Weather: Snow Blankets New Jersey

Meteorologist John Cifelli expects snow totals to be on the high end with this latest winter storm.

Meteorologist Cifelli: Most of NJ Will See 4-8 Inches of Snow

Meteorologist John Cifelli expects most of New Jersey to get between four and eight inches of snow.

NJTV News Weather: Snow Wednesday into Thursday Could Accumulate 8 Inches

Meteorologist John Cifelli says snow will begin overnight Wednesday and accumulate statewide.

Announcing TCNJ Snow Days Has Made Dave Muha a Campus Celebrity

Dave Muha, associate VP of communications at The College of New Jersey has reached celebrity status on campus for his announcements about snow days.

NJTV News Weather: Three-Day Winter Weather Episode Will End with Up to 8 Inches of Snow

Meteorologist John Cifelli says snow, sleet and freezing rain Tuesday will give way to rain Wednesday and then turn to snow for Thursday.

NJTV News Weather: More Wintry Precipitation on Tap for Tuesday, Wednesday

Meteorologist John Cifelli expects more winter weather in the form of snow, sleet and freezing rain.

NJTV News Weather: Snow, Sleet, Freezing Rain on the Way

Meteorologist John Cifelli expects New Jersey to see snow and ice Sunday.