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NOAA Predicts Below-Normal Hurricane Season, But Says Be Prepared

While NOAA's Climate Prediction Center says the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season will likely be below-normal, officials warn that residents should still prepare for a major storm, which could occur.

NJTV News Weather: Latest Snow Totals for First Day of Spring Storm

The first day of spring snowfall will bring a coating to six inches of snow to New Jersey, according to Meteorologist John Cifelli.

NJTV News Weather: First Day of Spring to Bring Snow

Meteorologist John Cifelli expects accumulating snow Friday, but much of it should melt Saturday with higher temperatures.

NJTV News Weather: Snow Expected for First Day of Spring

Meteorologist John Cifelli expects New Jersey to see snow Friday, the first official day of spring.

Christie’s Proposed Budget Calls for $44M Cut to Snow Removal

If legislators approve Gov. Christie's proposed budget, the funds available for snow removal will be nearly cut in half.

Brine Makes Roads Safe, But it Can Corrode Cars

Mechanics say the acidic compounds in brine can corrode cars even faster than rock salt, costing Americans about $6.5 million in repairs.

Snow Storm Makes Travel Challenging

The latest winter storm caused headaches on New Jersey roadways and delays and cancellations at the airport.

Meteorologist Cifelli: Record Breaking Cold After Snow Will Give Way to Warmer Temps

Meteorologist John Cifelli says most of New Jersey got between six and eight inches of snow. The state will see very low temperatures Friday, but they will increase for next week.

Some Businesses Thrive, Others Suffer with Snow Storm

Companies that provide snow removal are happy when the snow comes, while others see fewer customers.

NJTV News Weather: About Half a Foot of Snow in New Brunswick

Meteorologist John Cifelli reports from New Brunswick during Thursday's snowfall.