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NJ Transit Executive Director: Federal Inspection Findings ‘Unacceptable’

New NJ Transit Executive Director Steven Santoro testified before a joint legislative committee investigating NJ Transit in the wake of the deadly Hoboken train crash. He called the multiple safety violations identified by a federal inspection unacceptable.

It Now Costs More to Fill Your Gas Tank in New Jersey

A 23-cent increase in New Jersey's gas tax is now in effect.

NJ Transit Officials Approve Budget for Positive Train Control

NJ Transit's board adopted an operating budget to keep the trains up and running and a capital budget to make repairs, modernize the fleet and upgrade technology, including $72 million to install positive train control.

Democratic Lawmakers Say Gas Tax Hike Will Help Extend Light Rail

Democratic leadership spoke about how the 23-cent gas tax increase will help extend the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail into Bergen County.

Lawmakers Upset NJ Transit Leadership Absent from Hearing

NJDOT Commissioner and NJ Transit Chair Rich Hammer attended a legislative hearing to answer questions about the agency after the Hoboken crash. He said NJ Transit leaders were at an important meeting with the Federal Railroad Administration.

Report: New Jersey’s Graduated Driver License Law is Saving Lives

A new Governors Highway Safety Association report says New Jersey has been able to cut teen fatalities by more than half since the Graduated Driver License law went into effect.

Rash of Fatalities Spotlights Dangerous Jersey City Roadway

Kennedy Boulevard is one of the state's most dangerous local roadways. It has a high volume of traffic, a lot of pedestrians and a lot of crossings, which has led to fatal crashes.

Tough Questions on Tap For NJ Transit This Week

In recent months, published reports say NJ Transit has been under tough federal scrutiny for its finances and safety record. Now a joint legislative committee has asked for hearings on what some are calling the NJ Transit crisis.

Gateway Tunnel Construction Set to Begin in 2019

The $24 billion proposal will construct a new tunnel, Gateway, under the Hudson River. The transportation project rose out of the ashes of the canceled ARC Tunnel.

NTSB Releases Preliminary Report on Hoboken Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board released a preliminary report on the Hoboken train crash, confirming speed was a factor and stating for the first time the train’s brakes were fully functional.