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Latest Jersey Road Closures a Sign of Urgency, Political and Structural

Another New Jersey roadway is undergoing emergency repairs. Some skeptics say it's a ploy to get officials to raise the state's gas tax.

Elected Officials Discuss Transportation Funding

Some officials say the only way to replenish the Transportation Trust Fund, set to run dry in June, is to raise the gas tax.

Tracking Vehicles on NJ Turnpike Raises Privacy Concerns

Some are worried about privacy after it came to light that the Justice Department has been using license plate readers to track motorists for the DEA.

Winter Storm Causes Travel Headaches, Even Without Record Snowfall

Although the latest winter storm didn't bring the amount of snow expected, it still crippled travel for hours.

Blizzard Conditions Stall Transportation Methods

Winter Storm Juno has stalled various transportation services throughout the tri-state area.

Cracks in Support Beams Close Lanes on Route 3 Bridge

After finding two cracks inside steel support beams had widened, the state Department of Transportation closed two outside lanes of a bridge over the Hackensack River.

NJDOT Shuts Down Bridges Amid Emergency Inspections

The New Jersey Department of Transportation has closed several bridges, but officials wonder where the money to fix them will come from.

Freezing Rain Led to Hundreds of Accidents on NJ Roads

New Jersey State Police reported hundreds of accidents Sunday due to black ice caused by freezing rain.

Overnight PATH service won’t be cut, Port Authority chair says

Port Authority Chairman John Degnan has indefinitely tabled a propoals to eliminate overnight PATH service.

Elizabeth Train Station to Get $55M Upgrade

NJ Transit has unveiled plans to rehabilitate the Elizabeth station, which is more than 100 years old.