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NJ Lawmakers Grill Amtrak Officials Over Train Troubles

A joint hearing of the Assembly Judiciary and Senate Legislative Oversight Committees wanted an explanation why Amtrak’s infrastructure kept going off the rails.

Amtrak Announces Plan for Accelerated Repairs

Amtrak will be compressing a three-year repair timetable down to one. Work is planned to start in May and will run through June 2018.

Amtrak, NJ Transit Warn of Ongoing Delays. Surprised?

Transportation expert Martin Robins talks about how the recent track troubles in New York's Penn Station came to be and what it will take to get the system fixed.

Christie Defends Transportation Decisions, Criticizes Media

During his radio call-in show Ask the Governor, Gov. Christie defended his decision to cancel the ARC Tunnel project in 2010. He also said he's increased NJ Transit's budget during his tenure as governor.

Calls for Needed Infrastructure Updates at Regional Plan Association Assembly

Officials, including former Vice President Joe Biden, sounded the alarm about crumbling infrastructure during the Regional Plan Association Assembly. The train tunnel under the Hudson River was a major topic of discussion.

Newark Airport to Get New Terminal A

The Port Authority will spend $2.3 billion to build a new Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Christie, Booker Call for Federal Attention, Funding for Northeast Corridor

At a press conference at Newark Penn Station, Gov. Christie and Sen. Booker came together to call for the federal government to invest in Northeast Corridor mass transit infrastructure.

Officials Tour Hoboken Terminal to Assess Repair Progress

Permanent repairs to Hoboken Terminal won't be completed until 2019, according to NJ Transit. A fatal derailment damaged the station in September 2016.

Lawmakers Outline Plans for Transportation Funds

Of the $400 million allocated to the Transportation Trust Fund, $140 million will go to NJ Transit for tech and safety improvements. The remaining $260 million is earmarked for road and bridge work throughout the state.

Christie: Cuomo is Not on a Power Grab, He’s Just ‘Rightfully Frustrated’

New York Gov. Cuomo is attempting to install his own inspector general at the Port Authority. Gov. Christie says Cuomo is frustrated that New York and New Jersey lawmakers can't pass identical reform bills.