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Bill Allowing Unauthorized Residents Driver’s Licenses Comes at Unfortunate Time

Sponsors of the bill say a driver’s license could enhance the lives of more than 450,000 undocumented people who live and work in New Jersey. About a dozen states already already offer the privilege, including California which has a printed restriction: "Federal Limits May Apply."

Gateway Project Gains Steam as Federal Government Agrees To Pay Half

The federal government will split the projected $20 billion cost for two new commuter tunnels under the Hudson River 50-50 with New York and New Jersey. The tunnels would help avert a commuter catastrophe if one of the existing tunnels needs to be closed for repairs.

Martin Robins: Gateway Project is Too Important to Let Flounder

Martin Robins, former Port Authority Director of Planning and Development, weighs in on the Gateway Tunnel project and the odds that it will continue to move forward.

Lawmakers Renew Their Quest for a Bergen Light Rail

Lawmakers and transportation advocates say 20,000 a day would ride the Bergen light rail, property values would increase by 20 percent in a short time , businesses would boom and highways such as Route 4 would have less traffic.

Federal Transportation Bill Amendment Threatens Elizabeth Station Rehab

NJ Transit was hoping to receive $50 million from a federal transportation bill that would provide funding to improve train stations, such as Elizabeth. However, a House version of the bill includes an amendment that kills transit programs and would affect future projects.

North Jersey Pols Call for More Light Rail Service in Passaic, Bergen Counties

Today, a group of elected officials from Passaic, Bergen and Hudson counties announced the formation of the North Jersey Rail Coalition, which will advocate for the creation of service through Passaic and Bergen counties, ultimately connecting to Hudson.

Port Authority Chairman Has Easy Time at Committee Hearing, But Disagreements Remain

While it wasn't as openly combative as the Port Authority chairman's confirmation hearing last summer, Degnan still had to answer some pointed questions, mostly about the Bus Terminal, which, while now a part of the much-discussed 10-year capital plan, is not really on a set timetable.

Where Does Your Toll Money Go?

Nearly $1.5 billion dollars was collected in revenue from the New Jersey Turnpike Authority in 2014 and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey brought in nearly as much in tolls. The two authorities collect almost 20 percent of all tolls in the United States.

Automobile Technology Collects Data, Locks Out Independent Shops

Vehicles equipped with advanced computer systems have a "little black box" of sorts that collects a variety of data, including driver habits. These systems are controlled by code housed or sold by car manufacturers, which can make repair work done at independent car shops costly and cumbersome.

AAA: Drivers Remain Unfocused for 27 Seconds After Ending Distracting Activities

AAA utilized a five-point scale for their study on hands-free technology, with one being the least distracting and five being the most, to gauge the effectiveness of voice-activated systems. Lewis said most of them went from somewhere around a 2.4, which was the Chevy Equinox, and the way up to 4.6.