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Lawmakers Debate Raising Gas Tax to Support Transportation Trust Fund

A proposed bill to save the Transportation Trust Fund would raise the gas tax 23 cents per gallon. Although the bill has sponsors from both parties, not all lawmakers are on board.

Concerns Over Proposed Jet Fuel Tax Hike

Airline industry representatives say raising the jet fuel tax will increase prices for consumers, but some lawmakers say the industry needs to pay its fair share.

Lawmakers Want More Transparency with Trains Carrying Crude Oil

Trains carrying Bakken crude oil travel through New Jersey every week and state lawmakers are supporting right-to-know bills designed to enhance oversight.

Former NJ Transit Exec. Director on Future of TTF Funding

Martin Robins, founding director of the Alan Voorhees Transportation Center at Rutgers, is hopeful that the Legislature will take action to replenish the Transportation Trust Fund.

Preventing, Preparing for Mass Transit Terrorist Attack

New Jersey City University hosted a field hearing on protecting passengers and preventing and preparing for terrorism at rail and bus stations in New Jersey and New York.

Senate Dems Talk Transportation Funding on Newark Harbor Tour

Top Senate Democrats toured the Port Newark Harbor, emphasizing their plan to renew the Transportation Trust Fund.

Sen. Beck: New Jerseyans ‘Absolutely Opposed’ to 23-Cent Gas Tax Hike

Sen. Jennifer Beck was at a rally in Freehold to speak out against a proposal to replenish the Transportation Trust Fund with a 23-cent gas tax increase. She has outlined a plan for the TTF that wouldn't raise the gas tax.

Lawmakers Present 10-Year Transportation Trust Fund Plan

The bipartisan Transportation Trust Fund plan would raise the gas tax by as much as 23 cents per gallon while phasing out the estate tax.

Bipartisan Proposal: Cut Estate Tax, Raise Gas Tax for Transportation Trust Fund

Lawmakers released plans to pump $20 billion into the Transportation Trust Fund over 10 years by raising the gas tax while also lowering the estate tax.

Senators Reach Bipartisan Agreement on Transportation Trust Fund

Sens. Paul Sarlo and Steve Oroho announced that they have reached a bipartisan agreement to fund a 10-year, $20 billion Transportation Trust Fund.