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The formation of deep water in the North Atlantic and its circulation around the world, depicted in this image from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Big Changes in the Deep North Atlantic May Erode Defense Against Global Warming

Changes in ocean circulation may dramatically accelerate global climate change.

Discoveries Point to More Powerful Cancer Treatments, Fewer Side Effects

Rutgers research suggests chemo and radiation can kill more cancer cells and spare healthy ones.
Luis Ulloa of Rutgers New Jersey Medical School says there may be future treatments for deadly inflammation that use either acupuncture or medications. Photo: Rob Forman.

Acupuncture Holds Promise for Treating Inflammatory Disease

Rutgers-led study suggests pathways to alleviating inflammation in disorders such as sepsis and arthritis.

Technology helping AC Expressway handle snowstorms

PLEASANTVILLE, N.J. (AP) — Gone are the days when a snowstorm would send snowplow crews rushing haphazardly onto New Jersey's roads and highways. On the Atlantic City Expressway, technology helps crews know where to go to find the worst-hit areas. ...

Rutgers Scientists Identify Structure of Virus that Could Lead to Hepatitis C Vaccine

Hepatitis C is a major global health problem affecting 160 million people worldwide.

CDC: Cruise ship bug was newer norovirus strain

ATLANTA (AP) — A new strain of stomach bug was the virus responsible for almost 700 recent illnesses on a Caribbean cruise ship. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday said by the new Sydney strain of norovirus was the cause of ...

Merck joins companies ending chimpanzee research

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Drugmaker Merck & Co. is joining two dozen other pharmaceutical companies and contract laboratories in committing to not use chimpanzees for research. The growing trend could mean the roughly 1,000 chimps in the U.S. used for ...

NJ Selected As Testing Site For FAA Drone Mission

New Jersey is among several states selected to participate in the FAA's drone test.
Parents Suzan and Julio Lopez of South Amboy check on their child with Saint Pete's University Hospital's new videoconferencing system.

Saint Peter’s University Hospital To Keep Parents Updated With New Videoconferencing System

Saint Peter's University Hospital is installing a new videoconferencing systems in the NICU, allowing parents to check in on their babies remotely.

Medications Developed for Other Uses Show Potential to Curb Cervical Cancer

Drug characteristics explored by Rutgers research team may also aid HIV treatment.