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Science & Technology

Honoring Thomas Edison in Menlo Park

The Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park recognizes the inventor, whose lab was there during the time of his most famous invention.

Princeton Man Has Out of This World Experience

New Jersey Businessman Greg Olson paid $20 million to spend 10 days in space.

Engineer 3D-Prints Hand for Five-Year-Old

A mold of her hand was made to take measurements, design the prosthetic, and then programmed to a 3D printer to make an all-plastic, light-weight hand.

Rutgers Creates First Drone Suited for Air and Water

Students and professors at Rutgers school of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering created a drone that can fly and be submerged underwater. The drone is the first of its kind, and received grant money from the Navy to explore the technology that makes it work.

Robotic Da Vinci Offers Surgeons More Control, Patients Less Recovery Time

Surgical robot Da Vinci gives surgeons a 10-times magnification compared to the naked eye, and a high definition 3D view. The range of motion is far greater than that of human hands or fingers, which can lead to less invasive procedures, and more dexterity.

The BEAST Built to Rescue New Jersey’s Infrastructure

The BEAST, or Bridge Evaluation and Accelerated Structural Testing Laboratory, can measure the longterm effects of weather and wear and tear on infrastructure. In six months researchers can see the wear that takes place over 20 years.

The Science Behind What We Find Cute

Features such as big eyes, goofiness, pudginess, fuzziness and awkwardness play a role in what humans find cute.

The Future of Farming Plants Roots in Newark

The world's largest indoor vertical farm is being built in Newark and will be stimulating the local economy with more than just jobs.

WaterBotics Program Introduces Kids to Science

Stevens Institute of Technology has created curriculum for the WaterBotics program, which teaches kids how to make robots that function underwater.

High School Girls Learn Code and Confidence

The program aims to introduce more women into the STEM fields through exposure and collaboration.