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Science & Technology

The Tougher Men Think They Are, the Less Likely They Are to Be Honest with Doctors

Men, who die on average five years earlier than women, prefer male doctors, but are more honest with female doctors.

Future Brain Therapies for Parkinson’s Possible with Stem Cell Bioengineering Innovation

Rutgers and Stanford scientists have developed a novel way to inject healthy human nerve cells into the brain.

Liberty Science Center to Convert IMAX Theater into Nation’s Largest Planetarium

Liberty Science Center is using a $5 million donation to convert its IMAX theater into the largest planetarium in the western hemisphere.

Researchers Find Why Summer Hurricanes Hit at Levels Less Intense Than Forecast

Researchers at Rutgers studied why summer hurricanes, like Irene, strike the coast at levels that are less intense than originally forecast.

Why Do So Many Summer Hurricanes Fizzle Near Coastlines?

Rutgers-led study finds answers that could improve forecasts of hurricane intensity and reduce losses linked to inaccuracies.

College Students Present Research Projects at Liberty Science Center

Liberty Science Center hosted an undergraduate research symposium where college students present for the chance to continue their research.

Climate Change Takes from the Poor, Gives to the Rich, Study Finds

As fish and other natural resources move in response to climate change, wealth moves with them.

Ransomware Attacks Hold Websites Hostage

Hackers use ransomware to lock websites, demand money and threaten to delete all the information.

Lawmakers Hear About Delays with Credit Card Chip Readers

Consumers now have chip-enhanced credit cards, but not all stores have the proper readers to use them. An Assembly committee questioned why that is.

Apple Objects to FBI’s Request for Software to Bypass iPhone Security

The FBI has asked Apple to create software to bypass the iPhone security feature that wipes clean stored data after more than 10 attempts to hack the password. Apple says that could be dangerous in the wrong hands.