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Science & Technology

Students get schooled in cybersecurity

High schoolers learn how to defend against hackers at a cybersecurity summer camp.

Newark students get hands-on experience in STEM fields

Newark Public Schools partnered with education company i2 Learning to bring STEM week to middle school students.

Behind the scenes of New Jersey State Police’s improved forensics lab

State police recently cut the time it takes for labs to process forensics from 10 months to 48 hours through the use of a new system.

Stevens Institute Innovation Expo Highlights Creative Inventions

Students take creative ideas and try to turn them into actual start-up businesses, securing capital and positioning new products for a specific, defined markets for the annual Innovation Expo at Stevens Institute of Technology.

Mount Olive Students to Compete in National Robotic Championship

The Mount Olive Robotics Team has a full blown curriculum and nearly 150 students who compete on varsity and JV teams. Students are competing in the first national championship.

Stockton University Shows Off Atomic Force Microscope

Stockton University has acquired a $6 million atomic force microscope, which is much more powerful than a traditional microscope.

Parkinson’s Patient Can Control Treatment with iPod

Paul Detlefsen is the first patient in the U.S. to manage deep brain stimulation for his Parkinson's disease from an iPod. Before, patients were given a bulky remote control generator to manage the system and it often required in-office adjustments.

City Council Approves Transfer of Jersey City Public Land for Science Center Expansion

Sci Tech Scity, a proposed 16-acre, $276 million science center, research facility, school, hotel and residential development, would transform the area into a nationally-recognized science research and education village.

Cutting-Edge Technology Helps Researchers Study Your Gut

Rutgers University now has a SHIME, which mimics the functions of the human gastrointestinal tract.