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Ramadan Fasting More Challenging in Summer Months

This year Ramadan falls in the summer, which is more challenging for Muslims who fast from daybreak to sundown.

Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Teach Traditions through Annual Pow-Wow

The Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribe held its annual pow-wow, a spiritual celebration.

NJ Churches Ask for Heightened Security After Charleston Shooting

In the wake of the shooting death of nine at a Charleston church, New Jersey church leaders have asked for more security at their houses of worship to deter copycats.

Pope: Climate Change is a Global Problem with Grave Implications

Pope Francis says people need to fight for a cleaner planet and against business interests and consumerism to help reverse climate change.

Fighting to Keep Saint Michael’s Medical Center Open

Religious leaders have joined the fight to keep Saint Michael's Medical Center in Newark from becoming an outpatient ambulatory facility instead of a full acute-care hospital.

Ordained Catholic Women Operate Separately from the Vatican

There are 208 Roman Catholic Womenpriests worldwide that practice religion apart from the Vatican because they aren't accepted.

Rules of Religious Divorce in Orthodox Jewish Community Led to Kidnapping

Three rabbis have been convicted on charges they kidnapped men and forced them to grant their wives a religious divorce, called a get.

Presbyterian Church Changes Definition of Marriage to Include Same-Sex Couples

Presbyterian Church USA, the largest denomination in the country, has broadened its definition of marriage to include same-sex couples.

Antiques Show Mailers Go Missing

Postcards advertising the 69th Glen Ridge Antiques Show were not delivered and organizers say it was difficult to find out what happened.

Pope’s Message of Helping Poor Resonates with Religious Charities

Pope Francis spoke in the Philippines about a religious obligation to help the poor. In New Jersey, religious charities are doing that work, helping the homeless and disabled.