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Dispute Over Affordable Housing Obligations

Municipalities have hired a consulting firm to fight the Fair Share Housing Center on affordable housing obligations.

Addiction Crisis Affects Growing Number of NJ Kids

Nearly a third of all child abuse and neglect investigations in New Jersey revealed caregiver’s substance use. Nearly two-thirds of kids in foster care were removed from their homes at least partly for that reason.

Christie Announces Agreement with NY to Share Prescription Drug Data

Gov. Christie was at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center to announce an expansion of the Prescription Monitoring Program to include data from New York state. The program is meant to reduce rates of addiction.

Bill Would Repeal State’s Ability to Take Over School Districts

Lawmakers introduced a bill to repeal the state Department of Education’s power to take over local districts, and return local control within one year to all four state-run districts: Jersey City, Paterson, Newark and Camden.

Legislative Black Caucus Hearings Help Formulate Policy

Eighteen of New Jersey’s 120 state lawmakers are African-American. They make up the Legislative Black Caucus. The caucus, the NAACP and other organizations held three simultaneous hearings to help formulate policy, set spending priorities and seek parity.

Democrats Plan to Roll Back Christie’s Gun Law Changes

Sen. Weinberg and Assemblyman Greenwald said they plan to try to reverse Gov. Christie's executive order loosening New Jersey's gun laws, particularly the part that makes it easier to qualify for a firearm carry permit.

Massive Rally Shows Union Support for Striking Verizon Workers; Management Unimpressed

Union members from around New Jersey and politicians gathered at the State House to rally against Verizon. The company hasn't scheduled any talks since workers went on strike two weeks ago.

Christie Visits Addiction Hotline Center

Gov. Christie toured Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care center in Piscataway where he talked about the importance of offering services to those affected by addiction.

Orthodox Jews Arrive in Jersey City Neighborhood, Raising Hopes and Fears

More Orthodox Jews have been moving to Jersey City to take advantage of the real estate market there. But not everyone is happy with the new members of the community.

Ringwood Still Plagued with Contamination

For years, the now-closed Ford Motor Company assembly plant in Mahwah dumped hundreds of thousands of tons of paint sludge in two, deep Ringwood mines and contaminated the soil and water. Although there was site cleanup in the '90s, it remains on the Superfund list.