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NJ Lawmakers Grill Amtrak Officials Over Train Troubles

A joint hearing of the Assembly Judiciary and Senate Legislative Oversight Committees wanted an explanation why Amtrak’s infrastructure kept going off the rails.

Jersey Left Says They’re on the Offensive, But to What End?

Democratic lawmakers and members of left-leaning organizations came together in Trenton to resist Trump administration policies.

Rep. Josh Gottheimer Discusses Problem Solvers Caucus

Congressman Josh Gottheimer is part of the newly formed Problem Solvers Caucus, which is made up of 20 Democrats and 20 Republicans who meet weekly while in Washington to discuss a variety of government issues.

Stun Gun Regulation Changes Coming to NJ

Stun guns currently remain illegal in New Jersey, but the state has 180 days to institute laws that will create new regulations that are "consistent with public safety and the Second Amendment."

Amtrak Announces Plan for Accelerated Repairs

Amtrak will be compressing a three-year repair timetable down to one. Work is planned to start in May and will run through June 2018.

Immigration Attorney: Companies Need Skilled Foreign Worker Visa Option

Laurie Woog, an immigration attorney, discusses H-1B visas, which companies use to employ specialized skilled foreign workers. The Trump administration believes there is a lot of abuse and fraud associated with them. She disagrees and says they offer an important option for companies.

MacArthur Amendment Draws Ire of Left, Lukewarm Support on Right

Republicans, led by Congressman Tom MacArthur, have offered an amendment to the American Health Care Act that they say bridges the gap between conservatives and moderates.

Newark Police Roll Out Body Cameras for Cops, Dashboard Cameras for Cars

Members of the Newark Police Department will be equipped with body cameras and dashboard cameras in an effort to increase transparency and better community relations.

Rutgers DREAMer Faces Possible Deportation

Rutgers student and DREAMer Carimer Andujar received a letter from ICE ordering her to attend a deportation hearing. In response, the community and state legislators have come to her aid.

Lawmakers Hear Details About NJ Prison System

The Assembly Budget Committee heard testimony from the state corrections commissioner about how crime and the state's prison population are down.