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Few signs of progress as second day of government shutdown comes to a close

Day two in Trenton during the government shutdown progressed much the same way as day one, with a lot of words but very little action.

Wisniewski describes shutdown impact and how to resolve it, lays blame

Wisniewski says what Gov. Christie is suggesting with Horizon is "absolutely nothing short of reckless."

Budget shutdown: day 1

Top legislators held press conferences discussing the first day of New Jersey's government shutdown.

Prieto discusses budget impasse as state government shuts down

Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto talks about the factors that led to the government shutdown.

Budget negotiations halted, government shutdown likely

Christie said he's ready to sign a state budget, but if the one that reaches him doesn't include the Horizon bill, he says he'll line item veto significant Democratic items out of the budget.

Bill to educate students on police interactions proves contentious

The bill would require teachers from kindergarten through high school to teach students the best way to interact with the police.

This is what happens if NJ’s government shuts down

State workers are worrying as the odds of a state government shutdown increases.

Horizon executive discusses ‘disgusting’ Horizon reorganization legislation

Horizon's Bill Castner discusses the "disgusting" bill in the State House that would use the company's reserves to pay for public health programs.

State House scrambles on the eve of budget deadline

The state Senate and Assembly are juggling a handful of bills in an effort to reach a compromise before the state budget deadline on July 1.

Supreme Court to end debate over sports betting in NJ

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear the state’s sports betting case in October. Sports betting revenues are legal in four states.