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NJ Gubernatorial Primary Debates at Stockton University

Stockton University hosts qualifying Republican and Democratic candidates for governor in two primary debates Tuesday beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Feds Increase Aid for Nonprofits Following Threats, Vandalism

The Department of Homeland Security increased aid to nonprofits to $25 million this year. Rep. Pascrell and others are looking to double the national grant to $50 million next year.

Bayonne School District Faces Hundreds of Layoffs

Because of a large budget shortfall, members of the Bayonne Board of Education voted to lay off nearly 300 employees, including 261 teachers, June 30.

No Promises or Expectations of Better Service as NJ Transit Faces Budget Hearing

The Assembly Budget Committee heard testimony from NJ Transit about the state of its funding looking into the future.

A Look at Democrats Running for Governor

Ahead of two debates this week, NJTV News Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron talks about four of the Democrats running for governor.

Assessing First Three Months of Bail Reform

Since bail reform went into effect Jan. 1, numbers show New Jersey's prison population decreased. But critics of changes say there was no data released about the behavior of defendants who were released.

President Trump’s Visits to Bedminster Could Cost $300,000

Although President Trump tweeted that skipping a trip to New York City will save the country money, going to Bedminster could cost rural community about $300,000 total over seven visits.

Democrats React to Passage of American Health Care Act

New Jersey Republican Congressmen Rodney Frelinghuysen and Tom MacArthur voted in favor of the American Health Care Act to replace the Affordable Care Act, but several Democrats say the plan is flawed and will cause people to lose their insurance and pay more.

Environmental Professor: State’s New Water Supply Plan Short-Sighted

Water resource expert and Rutgers Professor Danial Van Abs says the state's new water supply plan should go further with recommendations and be more far-reaching.

Murphy Unveils NJ Transit Fix Plan, Including Call for Emergency Manager

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy outlined short-term and long-term goals for NJ Transit that he would implement.