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How the Pension Issue Plays Into Next Week’s Assembly Election

Leading up to the Assembly election next week, Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron took a look at how Republicans and Democrats plan to fund the pension system. Democrats say hike taxes on millionaires and corporations. Republicans say more reform and cutbacks are needed to remain solvent.

Most New Jerseyans Uninformed of State Politics as Assembly Election Nears

A Rutgers-Eagleton poll found that most New Jersey residents know nothing about next week's Assembly election. The poll also found that only five percent can identify a state senator, but only three percent could name their own correctly.

Coalition Prepares Newarkers for Eventual CCRB, Call on Board to Have Subpoena Power

Several Newarkers shared their stories of police encounters at a community forum sponsored by a coalition calling itself Newark Communities for Accountable Policing. The purpose of this forum was to make Newarkers aware that a civilian complaint review board is on the way and what it could mean to them.

Community Comes Together to Help Families Return Home Three Years After Sandy

New Jersey’s disbursed about $660 million in federal money for reconstruction, rehabilitation, remediation and elevation of Sandy-damaged homes. The state says 8,000 homeowners remain in the program, 4,500 applicants have withdrawn and almost 2,000 have completed reconstruction.

Automobile Technology Collects Data, Locks Out Independent Shops

Vehicles equipped with advanced computer systems have a "little black box" of sorts that collects a variety of data, including driver habits. These systems are controlled by code housed or sold by car manufacturers, which can make repair work done at independent car shops costly and cumbersome.

Sen. Kean Talks Port Authority, Gun Override and Tax Breaks For Atlantic City Performers

Sen. Tom Kean spoke in studio about yesterday's veto about gun permits, plans for a new Port Authority and tax breaks for Atlantic City performers.

Senate Breaks Christie’s Streak By Overriding Veto on Gun Permit Bill

For the first time, Gov. Christie was overridden by the state Senate as they voted against his veto of a bill aimed at notifying police when those committed to mental health facilities seek to expunging their mental health records in order to buy a firearm.

Newark Mayor Names Members to Civilian Complaint Review Board, Prepares for Legal Battle

The Newark Mayor announced the creation - by executive order – of the city's first-ever Civilian Complaint Review Board back in January. It's something other Newark mayors have only ever talked about. In the intervening months the administration has been working out the details of the CCRB and this week's announcement suggests that the administration is poised for implementation of the board.

Sen. Greenstein on Why Not to Revise the Flood Hazard Area Control Act

Sen. Greenstein spoke about why revisions to the Flood Hazard Area Control Act would be detrimental to the environment. She said, "Whether it's the fish in the sea, whether it's the water quality, whether it's flood control, all of these aspects of water will be revised as a result of what the DEP wants to do and we want to stop it."

Transportation Trust Fund at Center of Endless Debate as Election Day Looms

The Transportation Trust Fund, that mechanism for funding bridge and highway maintenance and mass transit projects, is mired in debt and unable to fund much of anything nowadays. But what is this TTF?