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Senate Breaks Christie’s Streak By Overriding Veto on Gun Permit Bill

For the first time, Gov. Christie was overridden by the state Senate as they voted against his veto of a bill aimed at notifying police when those committed to mental health facilities seek to expunging their mental health records in order to buy a firearm.

Newark Mayor Names Members to Civilian Complaint Review Board, Prepares for Legal Battle

The Newark Mayor announced the creation - by executive order – of the city's first-ever Civilian Complaint Review Board back in January. It's something other Newark mayors have only ever talked about. In the intervening months the administration has been working out the details of the CCRB and this week's announcement suggests that the administration is poised for implementation of the board.

Sen. Greenstein on Why Not to Revise the Flood Hazard Area Control Act

Sen. Greenstein spoke about why revisions to the Flood Hazard Area Control Act would be detrimental to the environment. She said, "Whether it's the fish in the sea, whether it's the water quality, whether it's flood control, all of these aspects of water will be revised as a result of what the DEP wants to do and we want to stop it."

Transportation Trust Fund at Center of Endless Debate as Election Day Looms

The Transportation Trust Fund, that mechanism for funding bridge and highway maintenance and mass transit projects, is mired in debt and unable to fund much of anything nowadays. But what is this TTF?

Calls to Override Bond Vote as Overcrowding in Freehold Schools Persists

Freehold schools have been dealing with severe overcrowded. A growing Hispanic population, in addition to Freehold taxpayers voting against a bond referendum to build new classrooms, have prevented the district from combating the problem. The superintendent says the district is out of whack by about 550 students, causing libraries and technology labs to be partitioned off into classrooms.

Senate Democrats Identify Six Areas In New Jersey That Need More Investment

Senator Sweeney appoints six of his fellow Democratic senators to conduct hearings into six policy areas.

Making Sense of Political Action Committees

Attorney Steve Kleinman describes how political action committees work, the differences between them and why fundraising may be the reason why some presidential hopefuls had late announcements.

Biggest One-Time Release of Federal Prisoners Set For November

The US Sentencing Commission is reducing the punishment for 6,000 offenders – many of them non-violent drug inmates. They’re due for release Nov. 1. Many have criticized the war on drugs, where harsh punishments have caused the prison population to explode by 800 percent.

Jaffe Morning Briefing: Oct. 16, 2015

Jaffe Communications gives its take on the news in New Jersey.

Eagleton Poll Has Christie Tied For Fifth Place at Home

In a Rutgers-Eagleton poll out today, 32 percent of New Jersey Republican say Donald Trump is their choice to be the party's nominee, followed by Ben Carson and Marco Rubio at 13 percent, Ted Cruz at six percent, and Christie tied for fifth place with Carly Fiorina and Jeb Bush at just five percent.