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Christie, Booker Call for Federal Attention, Funding for Northeast Corridor

At a press conference at Newark Penn Station, Gov. Christie and Sen. Booker came together to call for the federal government to invest in Northeast Corridor mass transit infrastructure.

Concern About Climate Change Negatively Impacting Health

Health experts say climate change is having a serious impact on health and they worry that President Trump's actions rolling back Obama era environmental policies will make the problem worse.

Outrage Over Company Backing Out of Superfund Cleanup Through Bankruptcy

Three months after the EPA announced the price tag for cleaning up a Superfund site in Newark, the company that bought polluter Diamond Alkali went into bankruptcy and backed away from the cleanup, leaving public outrage in its wake.

Officials Want Bail Reform Changes

Two senators plan to introduce legislation that would detain people who committed unlawful possession of a firearm, which they see as a loophole to New Jersey's bail reform.

NJ Launches Health Care Option for Active Duty, Retired Military

Cooper University Health Care and Deborah Heart and Lung Center launched HeroCare Connect, which lets active duty and retired military members see a health care specialist within 24 to 48 hours.

Camden Residents March for an End to Gun Violence

Young people joined elected officials to bring attention to the issue of gun violence in Camden.

Officials Tour Hoboken Terminal to Assess Repair Progress

Permanent repairs to Hoboken Terminal won't be completed until 2019, according to NJ Transit. A fatal derailment damaged the station in September 2016.

Bipartisan Effort to Fix School Funding Formula

Democratic Senate President Sweeney and Republican Sen. Pennacchio have joined forces.

Christie Highlights Progress of Department of Children and Families

Gov. Christie visited staffers at the Department of Children and Families after a federal monitor gave the department good marks for its steady progress in responding to reports of child abuse.

Trump Move Allows States to Block Federal Funding for Clinics That Perform Abortions

President Trump signed a bill that says states can block federal funding to clinics that perform abortions, even for other services like contraception, sexually transmitted disease, fertility, pregnancy care and breast and cervical cancer screening.