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Wrap-Up of Election Day 2014 Results

Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron discusses the results of the general election in New Jersey with Mary Alice Williams.

Christie’s Effect Felt from Florida to Maine and Across the Electoral Map

Gov. Christie, president of the Republican Governors Association, made the media rounds after many GOP gubernatorial candidates were victorious in the midterm elections.

Congressman-Elect Norcross: Washington Needs Diversity

Congressman elect Donald Norcross (D-1) says that the House of Representatives needs to have diversity and not consist of just lawyers.
Rutgers Professor and Newark Historian Clement Price on the NJTV News set in February. Price died Wednesday at the age of 69 after suffering a stroke over the weekend.

Newark Historian Clement Price Dies

Rutgers Professor and Newark Historian Clement Price died Wednesday at the age of 69 after suffering a stroke over the weekend.

Bergen County Exec.-Elect Tedesco Plans to Merge Bergen County’s Police and Sheriff’s Depts.

Bergen County Executive Elect James Tedesco says after being sworn in, he plans to move forward the realignment of the police force into the sheriff's department.

Montclair, Trenton Voters Approve Paid Sick Leave Ordinances

Voters in Montclair and Trenton approved a measure to require businesses to offer employees paid sick leave.

Officials: Move Over Law Makes Roads Safer

Law enforcement personnel say requiring motorists to slow down and change lanes when they see an emergency vehicle is common sense and increases safety.

Christie emerges as big winner after midterms

WASHINGTON (AP) — He wasn't on the ballot Tuesday, but New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie emerged as one of the big winners of the midterm elections. Christie had spent months traveling the country, raising money and boosting candidates in his role as ...

Republicans perform better across New Jersey

Some polls before this week's elections were showing that Democrats were running close in a couple of congressional races. But the results of Tuesday's voting tell a different story. Republicans held onto all six of the party's New Jersey seats in ...

Feds: Princeton mishandled sexual violence cases

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Education Department's Office for Civil Rights says Princeton University violated the law by improperly handling complaints of sexual violence and failing to end a sexually hostile environment for one student. The department ...