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Legislative Leaders Discuss Christie’s Pension Proposal

Members of the New Jersey Legislature appear divided about Gov. Christie's latest pension reform proposal.

NJ Hosts Stand Up for Transportation Day Event

Officials marked Stand Up for Transportation Day, meant to get the federal government to find reliable sources for funding mass transit.

Study Finds Positive Results of Paid Sick Leave in Jersey City

A Rutgers Eagleton study found that instituting paid sick days didn't negatively impact businesses in Jersey City, but the NJBIA takes issue with it.

Union Beach to Get $202M in Flood Resiliency Money

Gov. Christie announced that Union Beach will undergo a series of projects the Army Corps of Engineers designed to prevent the type of flooding it experienced during Hurricane Sandy.

Assessing the DREAM Act One Year Later

The DREAM Act gives undocumented students access to in-state tuition at New Jersey colleges, but without financial aid, some say the legislation doesn't go far enough.

Medicare Rules Make It Hard for Some to Get Home Health Care

Because of Medicare rules, some New Jersey residents are finding it difficult to secure home care to keep loved ones out of nursing homes.

Transitioning Developmentally Disabled to Community Living

Instead of living in an institution, some developmentally disabled patients have been transitioning to group homes. Rutgers has an education program for families to help with the transition.

Rutgers Professor Discusses Book About Lincoln’s Last Speech

Louis Masur's just-published book "Lincoln's Last Speech" highlights Abraham Lincoln's final public comments and how his assassin was in the audience.

Christie Responds to Criticisms During Matawan Town Hall

Protestors lined the streets ahead of Gov. Christie's 134th town hall in Matawan demanding the governor fund the pension system.

Scope of Exxon Pollution More Than Just Bayway, Bayonne Refineries

The settlement with Exxon waives its responsibility for pollution from leaks and spills at hundreds of local gas stations across New Jersey.