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Sen. Weinberg: Problems at Port Authority Bus Terminal are Not New

Sen. Loretta Weinberg was among the many elected officials to tour the Port Authority Bus Terminal, but says that many of the problems at the terminal are not new.

Fulop Ordinance Would Permit Airbnb in Jersey City

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop estimates the legalization of sites like Airbnb could net the city an additional million dollars in revenue annually through the enforcement of tax collection.

What’s in Store For Tonight’s Democratic Debate

A Fox News national poll out today has Hillary Clinton at 45 percent, Bernie Sanders at 25 percent, Joe Biden, who's not a candidate, at 19 percent, and Martin O'Malley at 1 percent, with Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee barely registering.

Jaffe Morning Briefing: Oct. 13, 2015

Jaffe Communications gives its take on the news in New Jersey.

Sweeney: I Will Call State Police if Legislature Doesn’t Vote on Gun Control Bill

Senate President Steve Sweeney said he will call the legislature into session later this month for a second shot at overriding Gov. Christie’s veto of SB 2360. The bill requires notifying local police whenever someone with documented mental illness seeks to expunge that record before applying for a gun permit.

Christie Reiterates Poll Numbers’ Futility on National Media

In addition to his low poll numbers, Christie spoke about Syria, Iran and Barack Obama's foreign policy.

‘Friends’ Say Liberty State Park is Not For Sale

Friends of Liberty State Park were on hand as the tough mudder competition made a contribution to the park. They want to make sure park stays free to all and isn't commercialized.

Police Training Aims To Eliminate Biases

To eliminate biases based on ethnicity, skin color or gender, leaders say slowing down and taking extra time to process helps in preventing jumping to conclusions.

A Look at the District Two Assembly Race in South Jersey

One of the major issues in the Assembly race in south Jersey is the casino referendum concerning building casinos outside of Atlantic City.

Sen. Weinberg Discusses Bill Banning Tax Break Recipients From Making Campaign Contributions

New rules are being considered for any company that has a cut of the more than $6 billion in tax breaks to move or stay in New Jersey. Businesses would be barred from making campaign contributions to any politician in the state, the idea being to eliminate even the appearance of impropriety.