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Bill Proposes $50 Fine, Possible Jail Time for Distracted Walking

Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt introduced a bill last week that would make texting or talking on a hand-held cell phone while crossing the street a punishable offense like jaywalking. The fine would be $50 and habitual offenders could go to jail.

St. Joseph’s Has First ER with Alternatives to Opioids Program

St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center in Paterson boasts the busiest emergency room in the state and says it recently became the first emergency room in the nation to adopt an alternative to opioids program.

Bill Requires Mandatory Water Testing for Lead in All NJ Schools

The bill provides $3 million a year to pay for bi-annual lead testing 30 days before school starts, and six months into the school year and would cover every school, including charters and privates.

Feds Ready Audits For Medical Records Keepers

Since 2009, more than 255 reported data breaches affected more than 112 million individual medical records, at huge hospitals and smaller so-called business associates from dentists to MRI providers.

North Bergen Hopes to Collect Taxes from Medical Center, Nursing Home

The township of North Bergen has sued Palisades Medical Center and its Harborage nursing home in tax court. Sen. Nick Sacco has introduced a bill to keep the tax exempt status for nonprofit hospitals and their nursing homes but allow municipalities to charge $2.50 per day for each licensed bed.

Commemorating 100th Anniversary of Easter Rising

A ceremony in Hackensack marked the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising, the bloody rebellion that sparked the movement for Irish independence.

Lakewood Schools Face Deep Cuts

The Lakewood school district is $12 million in debt. The proposed budget, which the school board condemned and the superintendent refused to certify, would cut 68 teachers, which could lead to class sizes of 40.

AC Mayor Wants More Aid, Christie Says City is Over Spending

Ahead of a government shutdown, Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian says the city is cutting expenses but not getting enough state aid. Gov. Christie says AC is over spending.

Former Newark Bears Stadium Sells for $23.5 Million

New York-based developer Lotus Equity Group has purchased the Riverfront Stadium property, former home of the Newark Bears, with the hopes of building a high rise and a hotel.

Assigning Blame Over AC Government Shutdown

Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian blames Gov. Christie for the city's shutdown, set to begin April 8. But the governor blames Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto for not bringing the takeover bill up for a vote.