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Politics & Government

North Jersey Casino Constitutional Amendment Passes

Members of the Senate and Assembly approved putting a measure to voters that would allow for casinos outside of Atlantic City.

Strike Averted, Focus Now Turns to Reliable Funding for Transit

NJ Transit and 11 rail unions reached a tentative agreement Friday to avoid a strike. Now some are wondering if fares will go up at some point to cover increased salaries.

New Legislation Would Make NJ’s Lead Reference Level the Same as CDC’s

Advocates say the number of children under 6 with elevated levels of lead could be reduced if the state had been conducting lead paint inspections in single- and two-family dwellings as required by a 2008 state law.

Can New Jersey Use 80 Percent Renewable Energy by 2050?

A bill seeking to make New Jersey predominately dependent on renewable energy by the year 2050 is being reintroduced after Gov. Christie previously pocket vetoed it.

Confusion Over Sandy Funding Allocations

Some wonder why housing projects in counties that recovered well after Superstorm Sandy got Sandy funds when areas that were harder hit had to wait longer.

NJ Transit Rail Strike Averted

NJ Transit and rail union officials reached an agreement, avoiding a strike that could have caused a travel nightmare.

Negotiations Continue Ahead of Sunday Deadline to Avoid NJ Transit Rail Strike

If NJ Transit and the rail unions fail to reach an agreement by Sunday at midnight, workers will go on strike.

Elevating Seniors Homes in Brick Leads to Increased Concern

Seniors in Brick don't have the money to elevate their homes, even if it means having higher flood insurance rates. Additionally, they say access to their homes would be an issue as many residents have walkers and wheelchairs.

NJ Future Forum Tackles Redevelopment

Six hundred people gathered to discuss redevelopment in the state at the 11th annual New Jersey Future forum.

Residents Take Atlantic City Bailout Fight to State House

Atlantic City residents and officials went to Trenton to ask lawmakers to reconsider a so-called takeover bill for the city.