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Law & Public Safety

Officials Call for Updated Building Safety Codes After Edgewater Fire

Officials in Edgewater and Princeton are calling for updates to New Jersey's building safety codes to prevent large fires like the one that happened in Edgewater.

AC Resident Fighting CRDA’s Use of Eminent Domain

Charlie Birnbaum is appealing a judge's decision siding with the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to take his house through eminent domain.

What Drives Individuals to Kill Their Co-Workers

"Dying on the Job" by Rutgers graduate Ronald D. Brown provides behavioral clues and contributing factors in workplace murders that few authors have attempted to explain.

Vaccination Debate: Legal Ramifications for Failing to Vaccinate?

Some doctors believe it may take litigation to get people to understand that choosing not to vaccinate their children affects others.

Study: Nine 2011 Vehicles Had Zero Driver Deaths

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found nine vehicles with model years 2011 had no driver fatalities. They tended to be larger and have high-tech features.

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Discusses Lone Wolf Terrorist Acts

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson says that he is most worried about lone wolf terrorist attacks in the U.S., because there is often no notice.

Tracking Vehicles on NJ Turnpike Raises Privacy Concerns

Some are worried about privacy after it came to light that the Justice Department has been using license plate readers to track motorists for the DEA.

Tenants File Class Action Lawsuit Over Edgewater Apartment Fire

After a five-alarm fire destroyed many apartments in Edgewater, some tenants have filed a class action lawsuit against the management company, claiming it should have done a better job with construction and maintenance.

Officials Debate Building Codes After Edgewater Fire

Officials are wondering if building codes need to be updated after an Edgewater apartment complex was quickly destroyed by fire.

Ahead of Super Bowl, Officials Sound the Alarm on Human Trafficking

New Jersey's Human Trafficking Task Force is working to end the practice, using the week leading to the Super Bowl for awareness.