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Law & Public Safety

New Cop Class Diversifies, Strengthens Jersey City Force in Face of Recent Shootings

The Jersey City Police Department has a new class of officers that includes more than two dozen minorities. The city is hoping to improve police/community relations.

Cub Scout’s Question Could Bring Legal Complications for Christie

A Cub Scout asked Gov. Christie about his security detail during a recent town hall. The governor gave a somewhat detailed answer, which troubled a judge since his administration was trying to keep certain aspects of his security secret.

Jersey City Landmark Loew’s Lease Ruled Valid

The fight over the Loew's Theatre continues. A Superior Court judge ruled in favor of the Friends of the Loew's appeal, which came after an initial decision siding with Jersey City over operations of the facility.

Marking 45th Anniversary of Corruption Trial of Newark Mayor Hugh Addonizio

This week marks the 45th anniversary of the corruption trial of former Newark Mayor Hugh Addonizio, the first of its kind in New Jersey. The federal courthouse in Trenton is displaying original court sketches.

Rural NJ Communities Rely on State Police for Coverage

Dozens of rural municipalities in New Jersey can't afford their own police departments so they rely on New Jersey State Police for patrols.

Sen. Weinberg: Allowing Online Voter Registration Would Increase Turnout

Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg has sponsored a bill to allow New Jersey residents to register to vote online. She says the move would get more people to register and vote.

Attorney Kenyatta Stewart Discusses Paterson Truce

Attorney Kenyatta Stewart helped orchestrate a truce to stop the violence in Paterson between those in the First and Fourth Wards.

Health Care Workers Push for Greater Workplace Safety

Statistics show those working in the health care and social service industries are more likely to experience workplace violence than others in the private sector. Now they're pushing for legislation that they believe will improve their safety at work.

Newark Will Be Site For Million People’s March Against Police Brutality

The People's Organization for Progress has organized the Million People's March Against Police Brutality, Racial Injustice and Economic Inequality in Newark.

Paterson Tries to Focus on Recovery in Wake of Murder

Basketball star Armoni Sexton was killed in a drive-by shooting in Paterson, highlighting the decades-old rivalry between the Fourth and First Wards. Officials are working to curb the violence.