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Law & Public Safety

Safe Exchange Zones Offered for Swapping Goods

West Orange offers "safe exchange zones" where people who buy and sell items online can meet with the presence of law enforcement.

Pre-Trial Debate Over Classified Information in Menendez Corruption Trial

NJTV News Chief Political Correspondent Michael Aron discusses the federal proceedings today in federal court on the corruption trial for Sen. Bob Menendez.

Camden County Officials Prepare for Pope’s Visit to Philadelphia

Although Pope Francis doesn't plan to enter New Jersey when he visits Philadelphia in September, his presence will be felt in South Jersey with changes to transportation and many visitors.

What Happens to Items Left at TSA Checkpoints?

If you leave items at a TSA checkpoint at Newark Airport, do you know what happens to them? They could get sold online.

Incidents of Lasers Pointed at Aircraft on the Rise

There have been more reports of lasers being pointed at airplanes recently. It can be dangerous because pilots can become disoriented.

‘Death on the Devil’s Teeth’: Unsolved 1972 Murder of Teenage Girl

Mark Moran, co-author of "Death on the Devil's Teeth," discusses the weird circumstances that led him to investigate the 43-year-old murder case of Jeannette DePalma.

NJ Supreme Court Rules Towns Can Furlough Public Employees Without Negotiation

The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled municipalities, in times of extreme financial hardship, can force public employees to take a leave of absence without pay.

Union Spokesman: Casino Workers Willing to Strike to Restore Benefits

UNITE HERE Local 54 Spokesman Ben Begleiter says Taj Mahal casino workers voted to authorize a strike after they were stripped of pensions and health benefits.

Firefighters Train at Condemned Homes in Mount Holly

Firefighters got hands-on training at several condemned homes slated for demolition in Mount Holly.

Christie’s chief counsel returning to Lowenstein Sandler firm; McElroy Deutsch lawyer tapped as replacement

Chris Porrino will step down as Gov. Christie's chief counsel at the end of July.