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Law & Public Safety

Fulop Holds Firm on Fixing Bail Reform ‘Loophole’

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop says that carrying an illegal firearm should be classified as a violent offense, which is not the case under the new bail reform system.

Drill Prepares Search and Rescue Teams for Disaster

Operation Fallout at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst is a drill to train members of search and rescue teams how to respond to a disaster like a building collapse, an explosion or an act of terrorism.

How Does NJ Rate in Emergency Preparedness?

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation took a close look at emergency preparedness state by state. New Jersey scored a 6.8 on the 10-point scale: right in line with the national average.

Volunteers Supplement First Responders in Jersey City

Jersey City Medical Center gives volunteers 60 hours of medical and first aid training and it covers liability so the citizen responders can often respond to medical emergencies before first responders. It's part of United Rescue and is the first program in the U.S.

Outrage Over Company Backing Out of Superfund Cleanup Through Bankruptcy

Three months after the EPA announced the price tag for cleaning up a Superfund site in Newark, the company that bought polluter Diamond Alkali went into bankruptcy and backed away from the cleanup, leaving public outrage in its wake.

Officials Want Bail Reform Changes

Two senators plan to introduce legislation that would detain people who committed unlawful possession of a firearm, which they see as a loophole to New Jersey's bail reform.

Camden Residents March for an End to Gun Violence

Young people joined elected officials to bring attention to the issue of gun violence in Camden.

Officials Tour Hoboken Terminal to Assess Repair Progress

Permanent repairs to Hoboken Terminal won't be completed until 2019, according to NJ Transit. A fatal derailment damaged the station in September 2016.

Christie Highlights Progress of Department of Children and Families

Gov. Christie visited staffers at the Department of Children and Families after a federal monitor gave the department good marks for its steady progress in responding to reports of child abuse.

New Jersey Encourages Motorists to Report Distracted Driving

The new #77 initiative encourages people to report instances of distracted driving to the New Jersey State Police, who will dispatch an officer or send a warning letter to the owner of the vehicle.