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Law & Public Safety

Congressman Payne Jr. Introduces Federal Gun Buyback Legislation

Congressman Donald Payne, Jr. discusses the Safer Neighborhoods Gun Buyback Act and how the NRA's stronghold in Washington as lobbyists makes passing gun legislation difficult.

FDA Modifying Ban on Gay Blood Donations

Federal policy changes now permit gay and bisexual men who haven’t had sex for a year to donate blood.

ACLU Report Shows Racial Disparity In Arrests For Minor Offenses

The organization tracked 10 years of arrest records in four New Jersey towns.

Christie Commission Recommends Easing Gun Restrictions

Governor Christie's New Jersey firearm purchase and permitting commission recommended how to make it easier, clearer and faster for law-abiding New Jerseyans to buy and carry guns.

Zadroga Act Extension Ensures Treatment for 9/11 Responders

In New Jersey, 5,166 first responders have been treated, about half at the Rutgers clinic. 1,683 are eligible for compensation, as for instance for lost wages.

Shakeup at Newark Police Department Returns Former Director to Old Post

Mayor Ras Baraka was trying to explain the many ways his reorganization of the city's police department will save money and make the force more efficient.

Dem-Controlled Legislature Muscles Through Full Agenda, Leaving Republicans Gasping for Air

Lawmakers blew through the dinner hour in a mad dash to get through more than a hundred bills and four constitutional amendments pushed by the Democratically-controlled houses.

Battle Continues Over Historic Princeton Battlefield

The Princeton Battlefield Society and several New Jersey lawmakers are attempting to block a housing development being built atop historic land. It’s the site where George Washington’s troops defeated the British at the battle of Princeton during the American Revolution.

Trenton Introduces My Brother’s Keeper Initiative

Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson introduced Abiezel to a packed council chambers of business, religious, social, academic, civic and law leaders and hailed him as one of the faces and symbols of hope and promise for the city’s just-announced My Brothers Keeper Initiative.

Guardian: Gaming Outside of Atlantic City Not Good for State

Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian discusses the impact that North Jersey casinos would have on Atlantic City and the state of New Jersey. He also discussed the PILOT legislation that would help rebound Atlantic City's economy.