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State Could Order Jersey City, Elizabeth, Others to Revalue Their Properties

Property revaluations, revals for short, have been ordered for Jersey City, Dunellen and Elizabeth to reassess the value of their properties to square their assessed value up with their true value.

First Step in Flying a Drone Begins on Land

Owners of drones weighing more than .55 pounds have to register with the FAA. They have to provide their name, home and email addresses. Owner then are required to place an identification number on each of their drones.

Evesham Safe Ride Program Expands to Voorhees

Before rolling out the safe ride program in Evesham Township, police were making about six drunk driving related arrests each month. Currently they've had two in a hundred days.

Boat Tax Reduction Expected to Boost Shore Economy

Boat dealers like MarineMax are hoping more New Jerseyans will want to buy boats since Governor Christie signed a bill into law that cuts the sales and use tax on all boats sold in the state. It was cut in half from seven percent to 3.5 percent.

The Growing Need for Mental Health Services in New Jersey

One in four people in New Jersey have a mental illness, and of those people only one third receive treatment. More than 985,000 people have an addiction, and of those people only six percent have access to care.

Senator Beck Proposes Plan to Fund TTF Without Raising Gas Tax

Beck’s plan would dedicate 3.34 percent of state revenue growth, the average over the last six years, to the fund. That generates a total of $33.9 billion in compounded revenue between fiscal year 2017 and 2023.

Lawmakers Call for Fully Funded ‘Superfund’ Program

Democratic lawmakers gathered at the site of the old E.C. Electroplating factory in Garfield to celebrate the successful start to remediation of this superfund site and to call for a more stable funding source for the federal program to cover so-called “orphan sites”.

More Claims by Second Amendment Society in Denying of Handgun Permits by Police

Edison Police have yet to comment about the New Jersey Second Amendment Society’s secret recording of police department employees dispensing what appears to be misleading information about a permit to carry a concealed gun.

Reaction to Sweeney’s Pension Proposal

Governor Christie Tuesday panned the plan, saying it amounted to a $3 billion new tax on the 90 percent of the public that doesn't get a state pension.

Investigating: Toxic NJ

Toxic NJ is a three-part series that delves into the issue of oil and gasoline contamination from leaking underground storage tanks and the impact on homeowners and the environment.