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Law & Public Safety

Sens. Kean and Whelan Talk Pensions

Sens. Tom Kean and Jim Whelan talk about the pension crisis in New Jersey and what's being done to address the problems.

Ambrose Predicts Changes in Newark PD Where Morale is ‘Low’

NJTV News Correspondent David Cruz sat down and spoke with Newark's first Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose about the changes he hopes to implement in Newark's police department.

NJ May Raise Legal Age to Buy Cigarettes

Lawmakers are considering a bill that would raise the legal age to buy cigarettes from 19 to 21.

Simulator Demonstrates Quick Decisions Police Must Make

A simulator that is used to to teach police when it's appropriate to use deadly force shows how quickly officers must decide whether or not to use their weapons.

The Battle for North Jersey Gaming

Disagreement over North Jersey gaming is still underway. Due to the nature of constitutional amendments, only the Senate bill or the Assembly bill can move forward.

Assembly GOP Members Accuse Dems of Stifling Debate

Republicans in the Assembly Judiciary Committee accused Democrats of steamrolling through the public hearing on four constitutional amendments without leaving room for debate.

Immigrant Advocates Protest Against ICE Raids

Immigrant advocates demonstrated outside an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office against what they call unconstitutional raids.

Pet Stores Face Fines for Consumer Affairs Violations

Pet store owners who have been fined by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs say the violations have to do with paperwork and not the treatment of animals.

Rate of Homicides Greater in Newark Than New York City

Newark has 280,000 residents. The city finished 2015 with 105 murders, or 37 homicides per 100,000 residents. New York City has nearly 8.5 million people and recorded 348 homicides last year, or four per 100,000 residents.

Asw. Oliver: The Best Society is a Diverse Society

Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver talks about the barriers women face when entering politics and why it's important that they're part of the process.