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Law & Public Safety

What’s the Right Amount of Pay for New Jersey Police Officers?

The median salary for roughly 19,000 municipal police officers in New Jersey was just over $105,000 in 2016.

Sen. Scutari Unveils Bill to Legalize Recreational Marijuana in NJ

Sen. Nicholas Scutari unveiled a 60-page bill to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana use in New Jersey, saying the state spends $127 million a year on enforcement efforts that don’t work.

Rutgers DREAMer Meets with ICE as Supporters Rally Outside

About 300 supporters rallied around DREAMer Carimer Andujar as she arrived to keep her appointment at the ICE deportation office in Newark. With her DACA paperwork lapsed and pending renewal, the 21-year-old Rutgers chemical engineering major welcomed the crowd.

Feds Increase Aid for Nonprofits Following Threats, Vandalism

The Department of Homeland Security increased aid to nonprofits to $25 million this year. Rep. Pascrell and others are looking to double the national grant to $50 million next year.

Assessing First Three Months of Bail Reform

Since bail reform went into effect Jan. 1, numbers show New Jersey's prison population decreased. But critics of changes say there was no data released about the behavior of defendants who were released.

Honoring First Responders for Valor

The 200 Club of Essex County handed out awards to police officers and firefighters who risked their own safety, lives and limbs in rescue and arrest.

Increasing Fire Safety While Maintaining Historic Beauty

Neptune Township is full of historic homes. Residents want to preserve the beauty, but fire officials want changes to township ordinances that would reduce the risk of fires to the buildings.

Newark Federal Monitor Discusses Perceptions of Police Department

Because the Newark Police Department is under a consent decree, it conducted a community survey to find out how residents feel about how the officers do their jobs and interact with the public. Federal monitor Peter Harvey discussed the results.

Uniform Crime Report: Rape, Murder Rates Up in NJ

The Uniform Crime Report shows overall crime down in New Jersey but higher rates of murder and rape for 2015. The definition of rape has become more broad resulting in a 43 percent jump. The murder rate increased 4 percent.

Stun Gun Regulation Changes Coming to NJ

Stun guns currently remain illegal in New Jersey, but the state has 180 days to institute laws that will create new regulations that are "consistent with public safety and the Second Amendment."