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Opening Lines of Communication Between Police and Communities in Newark

Forums held around the state, like the one at Rutgers School of Criminal Justice in Newark, are bridging communication barriers between groups in urban cities that have historically not spoken to each other.

Report Reveals Alleged Abused of Immigrants in Solitary Confinement

Despite general guidelines for confinement being listed for civil detention and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, advocates say the feds exercise minimal oversight. Some detention centers apply New Jersey prison laws.

Trenton Hopeful in Housing Homeless Vets by End of Year

Trenton and Mercer County officials say they’re confident they’ll house all of them by the end of the year.

New Jersey Second in Country in Reducing Prison Population

Over the last three years New Jersey has reduced its prison population by nearly 10 percent, second most in the entire country. At the same time crime continues to fall to the tune of 20 percent.

Senator Weinberg Announces Updated ’Smart Gun’ Legislation

Today Senator Loretta Weinberg announced legislation to require each firearms retailer and wholesaler in New Jersey to offer for sale a personalized handgun, also known as a smart gun.

Alleged ‘Slumlords’ Taken to Court Over Code Violations

Four buildings owned by Realty Management Associates were found to be in violation of multiple health and building codes. The city of Newark has taken the group to court after officially condemning the buildings.

Coalition Prepares Newarkers for Eventual CCRB, Call on Board to Have Subpoena Power

Several Newarkers shared their stories of police encounters at a community forum sponsored by a coalition calling itself Newark Communities for Accountable Policing. The purpose of this forum was to make Newarkers aware that a civilian complaint review board is on the way and what it could mean to them.

Judge lets bridge lane-closing suit go forward without delay

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — A federal judge has denied the government's request to delay a lawsuit stemming from the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal. The ruling means the lawsuit will proceed concurrently with the government's criminal case ...

Automobile Technology Collects Data, Locks Out Independent Shops

Vehicles equipped with advanced computer systems have a "little black box" of sorts that collects a variety of data, including driver habits. These systems are controlled by code housed or sold by car manufacturers, which can make repair work done at independent car shops costly and cumbersome.

AAA: Drivers Remain Unfocused for 27 Seconds After Ending Distracting Activities

AAA utilized a five-point scale for their study on hands-free technology, with one being the least distracting and five being the most, to gauge the effectiveness of voice-activated systems. Lewis said most of them went from somewhere around a 2.4, which was the Chevy Equinox, and the way up to 4.6.