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Law & Public Safety

New Program Provides Care for Addicts Beyond Narcan

The Recovery Coach Program in Ocean and Monmouth counties provides an addiction recovery specialist to the bedsides of those revived by Narcan.

Pension Commission Calls for More From Public Employee

Gov. Christie is back in the middle of the pension reform debate. A commission he appointed to recommend changes to the pension system released a new report.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Returns to Bayonne After Encountering Severe Weather

Some are calling for an investigation after the Anthem of the Seas ship was forced to return to New Jersey because of 30-foot waves and hurricane force winds out at sea.

Baroni, Kelly Empowered to Subpoena GWB Info from Christie’s Law Firm

A judge in federal court granted Bill Baroni and Bridget Anne Kelly the ability to subpoena information from Gov. Christie's law firm regarding the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge. Their lawyers say it will be useful to their case.

Female-Led Class Action Suit Calls for U.S. to Draft Women

Two women in New Jersey are part of a class action lawsuit calling for the U.S. to draft women as well as men. They say it's for gender equality.

New Crime-Fighting Initiative Aims to Curb Spike in Newark

Newark Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose outlined Operation Forge Ahead, which is a 45-day, nine-point plan meant to reduce crime in the city.

NTSB Recommends Lowering Legal Blood Alcohol Limit to Drive

The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended lowering the legal blood alcohol content to drive from 0.08 to 0.05 percent, but not everyone, including Mothers Against Drunk Driving, is on board.

Lead Poisoning an Issue in New Jersey

The percentage of children testing with high levels of lead is equal to or higher than what is being reported in Flint, Michigan.

Majority of Fatal Crashes Blamed on Inattentiveness

According to New Jersey State Police, the vast majority of fatal vehicle crashes to some degree can be blamed on driver inattention.

NJ Law Limits Use of Solitary Confinement for Juveniles

A New Jersey law restricts the amount of time juvenile offenders are allowed to be kept in solitary confinement, also called "room restriction".