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New Jersey’s Fifth Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Cranbury

New jersey has 5,540 registered patients participating in the medicinal marijuana program. There are 355 caregivers authorized to do pickups for patients who are unable, and about 350 participating physicians, according to the state Health Department.

Volkswagen Owner: ‘I Felt Like A Sucker’

A class action lawsuit filed in New Jersey is one the first nationwide to be filed against Volkswagen. The company has admitted to embedded software with a so-called “defeat” code specifically engineered to beat emissions regulations. 200 lawsuits now target the company.

Partnership Aims to Keep Drunk Drivers in the Backseat

If Evesham Township residents have too much to drink between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m., residents can pull up the Uber app, select the Evesham safe ride option and request a free ride home. The program is open now until until Jan. 2.

Yearlong Study on New Jersey Violence Reports Crimes are Down 10 Percent From 2012-2013 Rates

The report also revealed that over the last decade crime rates have plunged 18 percent statewide but that violent crime in the state's biggest cities only dropped one percent.

Fulop Ordinance Would Permit Airbnb in Jersey City

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop estimates the legalization of sites like Airbnb could net the city an additional million dollars in revenue annually through the enforcement of tax collection.

Sweeney: I Will Call State Police if Legislature Doesn’t Vote on Gun Control Bill

Senate President Steve Sweeney said he will call the legislature into session later this month for a second shot at overriding Gov. Christie’s veto of SB 2360. The bill requires notifying local police whenever someone with documented mental illness seeks to expunge that record before applying for a gun permit.

Police Training Aims To Eliminate Biases

To eliminate biases based on ethnicity, skin color or gender, leaders say slowing down and taking extra time to process helps in preventing jumping to conclusions.

Fighting Back Against Senior Investment Fraud

People over age 60 account for only 20 percent of New Jersey’s population, however they comprise almost a third of fraud victims in New Jersey, according to the Bureau of Statistics. Red flags include high pressure sales tactics, demands for immediate payment and a lack of proper credentials.

Giving Life to Outdated Criminal Justice Laws

A new criminal justice reform bill aims to give judges more discretion on nonviolent drug sentences and create more re-entry programs.

Summit Aims to Build Trust and Strengthen Relationships Between Communities and Police

A summit organized by NJ Acting Attorney General John Hoffman and U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman aims to tackle issues and strengthen the relationship between the community and police.