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Law & Public Safety

Take Back Day Gets Unused Drugs Out of Medicine Cabinets

The Drug Enforcement Administration is partnering with New Jersey communities for its 11th National Drug Take Back Day April 30. Municipal police departments and area organizations will be collecting unused prescription and over the counter drugs for safe disposal.

Newark Officials Update Plan to Combat Violence as Murder Rate Rises

Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose says the Newark Police Department has made progress reducing crime, despite currently having three more homicides than last year.

New App Aims to Help Sexual Assault Survivors

A new smartphone app from healingSPACE, the Bergen County YWCA’s sexual violence resource center, connects survivors with physical and mental health services, confidentially, at all hours.

Immigration Issue Comes Before Supreme Court

A group of states, led by Texas, are going before the Supreme Court to fight President Obama's executive order on immigration that's designed to allow unauthorized immigrants to stay here if their children were brought here or born here.

Seton Hall Law Students: Racial Profiling Happens in Bloomfield

Seton Hall Law School students went to Bloomfield municipal court and say they observed eight in 10 people responding to tickets were black or Latino. They say Bloomfield police are running a "border patrol" with Newark, a claim the department denies.

NJ Motorists Will Soon Have to Pay for Emissions Re-Inspection

New Jersey's Motor Vehicle Commission is doing away with the tailpipe emissions test May 1 and within a few months, motorists who fail the new emissions test will have to pay to get re-inspected.

Former State Justice Peter Verniero Discusses New Nominee’s Impact on Court

Gov. Christie's prior Supreme Court nominees have been refused hearings from the state Senate. His latest nominee -- Democrat Walter Timpone -- is expected to meet the qualifications of the "gentleman's agreement" in maintaining a balanced court.

Supportive Housing Association Director: NJ Needs More Affordable Housing

Supportive Housing Association Executive Director Gail Levinson says New Jersey needs more affordable housing options, particularly for the developmentally disabled.

Sen. Booker Meets with Federal Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland

Sen. Cory Booker says it breaks constitutional tradition and the Senate isn't doing their job by not granting President Obama's Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland a hearing in the Senate.

Acting AG Issues New Directive for Gun Permits

The acting attorney general’s new directive calls on State Police “to identify best practices” and for local police to process gun purchase and carry applications “as expeditiously as practicable”.