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Obama Address Draws Praise From Supporters and Ire of Foes

President Obama addressed the nation Sunday night in a 13-minute speech from the Oval Office. In the wake of last week's terrorist attack in San Bernardino, he spoke about military strategy, gun control and immigration.

Response to Passing of Smart Gun Legislation and President Obama’s Speech

NJTV News Anchor Mary Alice Williams discusses the passing of smart gun legislation in the Senate with Senior political correspondent Michael Aron. She also discussed the President's address to the nation on gun control with Correspondent David Cruz.

More Claims by Second Amendment Society in Denying of Handgun Permits by Police

The Second Amendment Society says it’s found widespread delays and denials of gun permits in the Garden State of police departments stalling and complicating the process. But, Chief Chris Wagner, the Head of the State Police Chiefs’ Association says not so.

Specialty Drugs Cost More Than Most Yearly Incomes

The AARP says the average yearly retail cost of specialty drugs is more than $53,000. That’s more than most households’ yearly income, or twice the household income of Medicare beneficiaries. It’s more than three times the average Social Security benefit.

Assembly Comes Up Short in Attempt to Override Christie Veto

Democrats needed seven Republicans if they were to override the veto of a gun bill that would affect those committed to a mental facility who seek to get that record expunged. They got just four. The final vote was 50 to 17 with 11 abstentions.

Protesters Fight Back Against Expansion of Bear Harvest

An estimated 3,500 black bears live in New Jersey, and state regulators say that’s too many. They cite a rising number of incidents where bears interacted with people and property.

Second Amendment Society Claims Police Departments Delaying and Denying Handgun Permits

In a hidden-camera recording made by the New jersey Second Amendment Society, an Orange Police Detective Sergeant appears to explain how he denied a handgun purchase permit to an applicant not based on New Jersey law but on the applicant’s size and gender.

Learning From A Past Refugee Crisis

Professor Ruth Mandel compares the Syrian refugees crisis to other examples of others trying to come to America for refuge and being told there's no welcome mat.

Number of Distracted Driving Tickets Issued Continues to Decline

The number of distracted driving tickets issued has been slowing going down. Next year's number is expected to decrease by another 10,000 tickets.

String of Murders in Jersey City Leave No Witnesses

There have been five homicides over the course of two weeks in Jersey City. The state’s second biggest city has had 15 homicides this year by gunfire. Most of the victims are African-American men ages 18 to 25 from the city's western and southern wards.