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Law & Public Safety

Report Shows Violent Crime Down in NJ and Nationwide

The Uniform Crime Report, issued by the state Attorney General's office, shows the crime rate improving in New Jersey. The occurrence of murders, robberies, aggravated assaults and rape are all down from where they were in previous years.

Bill Would Set Aside $10M for Child Abuse Prevention Services

Senate President Steve Sweeney is introducing a bill to set aside $10 million to create a “Child Advocacy Center-Multidisciplinary Team Fund.”

Reentry Program Helps Find Jobs, Housing for Prisoners After Release

The Greater Newark Conservancy’s Prisoner Reentry Initiative aims to make the transition from jail to community easier.

Mahwah PD Hosts Training Session for Overdose Antidote

Community members attended a training session in Mahwah where they learned how to administer naloxone, an opioid overdose antidote.

Synthetic Opiate Makes Heroin More Deadly

Fentanyl, a synthetic opiate used to treat cancer patients, has made its way into heroin, which has increased the occurrence of overdoses and deaths.

Democrats Plan to Roll Back Christie’s Gun Law Changes

Sen. Weinberg and Assemblyman Greenwald said they plan to try to reverse Gov. Christie's executive order loosening New Jersey's gun laws, particularly the part that makes it easier to qualify for a firearm carry permit.

New Law Makes Expunging Records Easier

More people will now be eligible to have their records made inaccessible to the public, including prospective employers, landlords and colleges.

Recognizing the Importance of Living Wills

A living will is an important document for making health care wishes known and ensure they are carried out.

Top Court Nominee Timpone Sails Through Judiciary Committee Hearing

The Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously voted to move Walter Timpone's nomination to the New Jersey Supreme Court to the Senate floor.

Conditions Ripe for Wildfires in NJ

New Jersey is in the midst of a lingering dry spell and it’s got fire officials on high alert.