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Law & Public Safety

Police Chaplain Program Helps in Times of Crisis

The Police Chaplain Program in Vineland trains chaplains and has been in some of the nation’s hotspots in the last couple of years, including Ferguson, Baltimore and now Orlando.

Railway Criticized for Storing Flammable Gas in Tankers

Morristown and Erie Railway is storing butane and propane in tankers along the tracks, which is drawing criticism from Morris County officials and homeowners who weren't notified of the plan.

NJ Supreme Court: COLAs Not Guaranteed for Public Workers

The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled 6-1 that cost-of-living adjustments for public workers aren’t guaranteed. That’s $13 billion retirees won’t get back.

Controversy Over Mandatory Minimum Sentencing for Fentanyl

Sen. Cory Booker, the ACLU and others oppose a proposal to increase mandatory minimum sentencing for fentanyl, saying imposing a five-year jail term for two grams of the drug punishes addicts instead of distributors.

Proposed Bill Would Create Public Animal Abuser List

Assemblyman Troy Singleton has sponsored legislation that would create a public list of people convicted of criminal abuse of animals or found civilly liable for animal cruelty in New Jersey.

Former NJ Driver Sues Uber Over ‘Unlawful’ Practices

A former Uber driver from New Jersey who says he got fed up with low pay, long hours and no overtime has filed a class action lawsuit accusing Uber of “unlawful wage policies and practices.”

Cape May County Sees 25 Percent Drop in Drug Overdoses

Drug overdoses in Cape May County dropped from 47 percent in the first quarter of 2014 to just 21 percent for the same period this year. It's been a community effort between faith-based groups, law enforcement, schools and hospitals.

Representative Donald Payne Jr. Talks Gun Violence Prevention

A gun violence prevention forum brought together state and local officials to talk about gun safety reforms. Representative Donald Payne, Jr. sums up what he got from the forum.

Gun Control Discussed in Assembly Committee as Gun Violence Continues Unabated

The Assembly's Law and Public Safety Committee met to discuss gun control efforts.

Bill Would Allow Police to Check Cell Phones at Accident Scenes

Sen. Codey has introduced legislation that would authorize law enforcement to check on the spot whether a driver was using a cell phone at the time of an accident.