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Law & Public Safety

Newark Mayor Walks Neighborhoods in Occupy the Block Event

The Occupy the Block initiative is meant to address residents' concerns, offer hope and job applications, and to push back against the intrusion of crime in Newark.

Preventing, Preparing for Mass Transit Terrorist Attack

New Jersey City University hosted a field hearing on protecting passengers and preventing and preparing for terrorism at rail and bus stations in New Jersey and New York.

Legislators Rally Support for Gun Control Bill

Sens. Menendez and Booker rallied residents in Newark to support two gun control bills.

Sen. Lesniak: Use Retired Judges for Parole Board

Sen. Ray Lesniak wants to eliminate governor appointments to the New Jersey Parole Board and instead use retired judges, which he says will save more than $1 million per year.

Drug-Free School Zones Could Contribute to NJ Prison System Racial Inequality

Drug-free school zones are meant to protect kids but some experts say they're the cause of staggering racial inequality in New Jersey's prison system where black residents outnumber whites behind bars 12 to one.

Christie Shrugs Off Email Questions as He Announces His Pick for AG

Gov. Christie announced his nominee for attorney general, Chris Porrino, during a press conference. He was asked about recent emails that have surfaced regarding political activity in his office in 2013.

Bill Would Classify Bump Keys as Burglary Tools

Assemblyman Dave Rible, a certified forensic locksmith, wants legislation passed that would make it illegal to possess bump keys, which are used to defeat locks.

Sen. Booker Talks Urgency for Common Sense Gun Control Laws

Sen. Cory Booker says we need stricter gun control laws so ISIS and al-Qaida can't exploit loopholes to acquire weapons to use in terror attacks.

Cannabis Legalization Is Not a Pipe Dream, Says Sen. Scutari

Sen. Nick Scutari visited Colorado to assess how that state is dealing with legalized recreational marijuana use. He hopes to legalize it in New Jersey.

Police Chaplain Program Helps in Times of Crisis

The Police Chaplain Program in Vineland trains chaplains and has been in some of the nation’s hotspots in the last couple of years, including Ferguson, Baltimore and now Orlando.